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# Copyright 2016 The V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Variable that can be used to support multiple build scenarios, like having
# Chromium specific targets in a client project's GN file etc.
build_with_chromium = false
# Used by perfetto to distinguish from its own standalone build and the
# chromium build.
perfetto_build_with_embedder = true
# When embedding perfetto, its build files need to know in which file
# the embedder (v8) declared the protobuf targets. In the v8 case they are
# declared in the root v8/
perfetto_protobuf_target_prefix = "//"
perfetto_protobuf_gni = "//gni/proto_library.gni"
# Uncomment these to specify a different NDK location and version in
# non-Chromium builds.
# default_android_ndk_root = "//third_party/android_ndk"
# default_android_ndk_version = "r10e"
# Some non-Chromium builds don't support building java targets.
enable_java_templates = false
# Some non-Chromium builds don't use Chromium's third_party/binutils.
linux_use_bundled_binutils_override = true
# Allows different projects to specify their own suppressions files.
asan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
lsan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
tsan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
# Skip assertions about 4GiB file size limit.
ignore_elf32_limitations = true
# Use the system install of Xcode for tools like ibtool, libtool, etc.
use_system_xcode = true