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// Copyright 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// StructureHLSL.h:
// HLSL translation of GLSL constructors and structures.
#include "compiler/translator/Common.h"
#include "compiler/translator/IntermNode.h"
#include <set>
class TInfoSinkBase;
class TScopeBracket;
namespace sh
// This helper class assists structure and interface block definitions in determining
// how to pack std140 structs within HLSL's packing rules.
class Std140PaddingHelper
explicit Std140PaddingHelper(const std::map<TString, int> &structElementIndexes,
unsigned int *uniqueCounter);
Std140PaddingHelper(const Std140PaddingHelper &other);
Std140PaddingHelper &operator=(const Std140PaddingHelper &other);
int elementIndex() const { return mElementIndex; }
int prePadding(const TType &type);
TString prePaddingString(const TType &type);
TString postPaddingString(const TType &type, bool useHLSLRowMajorPacking);
TString next();
unsigned *mPaddingCounter;
int mElementIndex;
const std::map<TString, int> *mStructElementIndexes;
class StructureHLSL : angle::NonCopyable
// Returns the name of the constructor function.
TString addStructConstructor(const TStructure &structure);
TString addBuiltInConstructor(const TType &type, const TIntermSequence *parameters);
static TString defineNameless(const TStructure &structure);
void ensureStructDefined(const TStructure &structure);
std::string structsHeader() const;
Std140PaddingHelper getPaddingHelper();
unsigned mUniquePaddingCounter;
std::map<TString, int> mStd140StructElementIndexes;
struct TStructProperties : public angle::NonCopyable
TStructProperties() {}
// Constructor is an empty string in case the struct doesn't have a constructor yet.
TString constructor;
// Map from struct name to struct properties.
typedef std::map<TString, TStructProperties *> DefinedStructs;
DefinedStructs mDefinedStructs;
// Struct declarations need to be kept in a vector instead of having them inside mDefinedStructs
// since maintaining the original order is necessary for nested structs.
typedef std::vector<TString> StructDeclarations;
StructDeclarations mStructDeclarations;
typedef std::set<TString> BuiltInConstructors;
BuiltInConstructors mBuiltInConstructors;
void storeStd140ElementIndex(const TStructure &structure, bool useHLSLRowMajorPacking);
TString defineQualified(const TStructure &structure,
bool useHLSLRowMajorPacking,
bool useStd140Packing);
DefinedStructs::iterator defineVariants(const TStructure &structure, const TString &name);
} // namespace sh