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<title>V8 Heap Statistics</title>
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function removeAllChildren(node) {
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let state = Object.create(null);
function globalDataChanged(e) { = e.detail;
// Emit one entry with the whole model for debugging purposes.
state.selection = null;
$('#global-timeline').selection = state.selection;
$('#global-timeline').data =;
$('#type-details').selection = state.selection;
$('#type-details').data =;
$('#details-selection').data =;
function globalSelectionChangedA(e) {
state.selection = e.detail;
$('#global-timeline').selection = state.selection;
$('#type-details').selection = state.selection;
<trace-file-reader onchange="globalDataChanged(event)"></trace-file-reader>
<h1>V8 Heap Statistics</h1>
<p>Visualize object statistics that have been gathered using</p>
<li><code>--trace-gc-object-stats on V8</code></li>
tracing infrastructure</a> collecting data for the category
<code>v8.gc_stats</code>. The trace file needs to be unpacked (e.g. using
Note that the visualizer needs to run on a web server due to HTML imports
requiring <a
<details-selection id="details-selection" onchange="globalSelectionChangedA(event)"></details-selection>
<global-timeline id="global-timeline"></global-timeline>
<type-details id="type-details"></type-details>