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** 2008 October 28
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
** May you do good and not evil.
** May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
** May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This file contains a no-op memory allocation drivers for use when
** SQLITE_ZERO_MALLOC is defined. The allocation drivers implemented
** here always fail. SQLite will not operate with these drivers. These
** are merely placeholders. Real drivers must be substituted using
** sqlite3_config() before SQLite will operate.
#include "sqliteInt.h"
** This version of the memory allocator is the default. It is
** used when no other memory allocator is specified using compile-time
** macros.
** No-op versions of all memory allocation routines
static void *sqlite3MemMalloc(int nByte){ return 0; }
static void sqlite3MemFree(void *pPrior){ return; }
static void *sqlite3MemRealloc(void *pPrior, int nByte){ return 0; }
static int sqlite3MemSize(void *pPrior){ return 0; }
static int sqlite3MemRoundup(int n){ return n; }
static int sqlite3MemInit(void *NotUsed){ return SQLITE_OK; }
static void sqlite3MemShutdown(void *NotUsed){ return; }
** This routine is the only routine in this file with external linkage.
** Populate the low-level memory allocation function pointers in
** sqlite3GlobalConfig.m with pointers to the routines in this file.
void sqlite3MemSetDefault(void){
static const sqlite3_mem_methods defaultMethods = {
sqlite3_config(SQLITE_CONFIG_MALLOC, &defaultMethods);