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** 2010 February 1
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
** May you do good and not evil.
** May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
** May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This header file defines the interface to the write-ahead logging
** system. Refer to the comments below and the header comment attached to
** the implementation of each function in log.c for further details.
#ifndef _WAL_H_
#define _WAL_H_
#include "sqliteInt.h"
# define sqlite3WalOpen(x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalClose(w,x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalBeginReadTransaction(y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalEndReadTransaction(z)
# define sqlite3WalRead(v,w,x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalDbsize(y) 0
# define sqlite3WalBeginWriteTransaction(y) 0
# define sqlite3WalEndWriteTransaction(x) 0
# define sqlite3WalUndo(x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalSavepoint(y,z)
# define sqlite3WalSavepointUndo(y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalFrames(u,v,w,x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalCheckpoint(r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalCallback(z) 0
# define sqlite3WalExclusiveMode(y,z) 0
# define sqlite3WalHeapMemory(z) 0
/* Connection to a write-ahead log (WAL) file.
** There is one object of this type for each pager.
typedef struct Wal Wal;
/* Open and close a connection to a write-ahead log. */
int sqlite3WalOpen(sqlite3_vfs*, sqlite3_file*, const char *zName, int, Wal**);
int sqlite3WalClose(Wal *pWal, int sync_flags, int, u8 *);
/* Used by readers to open (lock) and close (unlock) a snapshot. A
** snapshot is like a read-transaction. It is the state of the database
** at an instant in time. sqlite3WalOpenSnapshot gets a read lock and
** preserves the current state even if the other threads or processes
** write to or checkpoint the WAL. sqlite3WalCloseSnapshot() closes the
** transaction and releases the lock.
int sqlite3WalBeginReadTransaction(Wal *pWal, int *);
void sqlite3WalEndReadTransaction(Wal *pWal);
/* Read a page from the write-ahead log, if it is present. */
int sqlite3WalRead(Wal *pWal, Pgno pgno, int *pInWal, int nOut, u8 *pOut);
/* If the WAL is not empty, return the size of the database. */
Pgno sqlite3WalDbsize(Wal *pWal);
/* Obtain or release the WRITER lock. */
int sqlite3WalBeginWriteTransaction(Wal *pWal);
int sqlite3WalEndWriteTransaction(Wal *pWal);
/* Undo any frames written (but not committed) to the log */
int sqlite3WalUndo(Wal *pWal, int (*xUndo)(void *, Pgno), void *pUndoCtx);
/* Return an integer that records the current (uncommitted) write
** position in the WAL */
void sqlite3WalSavepoint(Wal *pWal, u32 *aWalData);
/* Move the write position of the WAL back to iFrame. Called in
** response to a ROLLBACK TO command. */
int sqlite3WalSavepointUndo(Wal *pWal, u32 *aWalData);
/* Write a frame or frames to the log. */
int sqlite3WalFrames(Wal *pWal, int, PgHdr *, Pgno, int, int);
/* Copy pages from the log to the database file */
int sqlite3WalCheckpoint(
Wal *pWal, /* Write-ahead log connection */
int eMode, /* One of PASSIVE, FULL and RESTART */
int (*xBusy)(void*), /* Function to call when busy */
void *pBusyArg, /* Context argument for xBusyHandler */
int sync_flags, /* Flags to sync db file with (or 0) */
int nBuf, /* Size of buffer nBuf */
u8 *zBuf, /* Temporary buffer to use */
int *pnLog, /* OUT: Number of frames in WAL */
int *pnCkpt /* OUT: Number of backfilled frames in WAL */
/* Return the value to pass to a sqlite3_wal_hook callback, the
** number of frames in the WAL at the point of the last commit since
** sqlite3WalCallback() was called. If no commits have occurred since
** the last call, then return 0.
int sqlite3WalCallback(Wal *pWal);
/* Tell the wal layer that an EXCLUSIVE lock has been obtained (or released)
** by the pager layer on the database file.
int sqlite3WalExclusiveMode(Wal *pWal, int op);
/* Return true if the argument is non-NULL and the WAL module is using
** heap-memory for the wal-index. Otherwise, if the argument is NULL or the
** WAL module is using shared-memory, return false.
int sqlite3WalHeapMemory(Wal *pWal);
#endif /* ifndef SQLITE_OMIT_WAL */
#endif /* _WAL_H_ */