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* Summary: Internal Interfaces for memory buffers in libxml2
* Description: this module describes most of the new xmlBuf buffer
* entry points, those are private routines, with a
* few exceptions exported in tree.h. This was added
* in 2.9.0.
* Copy: See Copyright for the status of this software.
* Author: Daniel Veillard
#ifndef __XML_BUF_H__
#define __XML_BUF_H__
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreate(void);
xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreateSize(size_t size);
xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreateStatic(void *mem, size_t size);
int xmlBufSetAllocationScheme(xmlBufPtr buf,
xmlBufferAllocationScheme scheme);
int xmlBufGetAllocationScheme(xmlBufPtr buf);
void xmlBufFree(xmlBufPtr buf);
void xmlBufEmpty(xmlBufPtr buf);
/* size_t xmlBufShrink(xmlBufPtr buf, size_t len); */
int xmlBufGrow(xmlBufPtr buf, int len);
int xmlBufInflate(xmlBufPtr buf, size_t len);
int xmlBufResize(xmlBufPtr buf, size_t len);
int xmlBufAdd(xmlBufPtr buf, const xmlChar *str, int len);
int xmlBufAddHead(xmlBufPtr buf, const xmlChar *str, int len);
int xmlBufCat(xmlBufPtr buf, const xmlChar *str);
int xmlBufCCat(xmlBufPtr buf, const char *str);
int xmlBufWriteCHAR(xmlBufPtr buf, const xmlChar *string);
int xmlBufWriteChar(xmlBufPtr buf, const char *string);
int xmlBufWriteQuotedString(xmlBufPtr buf, const xmlChar *string);
size_t xmlBufAvail(const xmlBufPtr buf);
size_t xmlBufLength(const xmlBufPtr buf);
/* size_t xmlBufUse(const xmlBufPtr buf); */
int xmlBufIsEmpty(const xmlBufPtr buf);
int xmlBufAddLen(xmlBufPtr buf, size_t len);
int xmlBufErase(xmlBufPtr buf, size_t len);
/* const xmlChar * xmlBufContent(const xmlBuf *buf); */
/* const xmlChar * xmlBufEnd(xmlBufPtr buf); */
xmlChar * xmlBufDetach(xmlBufPtr buf);
#ifndef COBALT
size_t xmlBufDump(FILE *file, xmlBufPtr buf);
xmlBufPtr xmlBufFromBuffer(xmlBufferPtr buffer);
xmlBufferPtr xmlBufBackToBuffer(xmlBufPtr buf);
int xmlBufMergeBuffer(xmlBufPtr buf, xmlBufferPtr buffer);
int xmlBufResetInput(xmlBufPtr buf, xmlParserInputPtr input);
size_t xmlBufGetInputBase(xmlBufPtr buf, xmlParserInputPtr input);
int xmlBufSetInputBaseCur(xmlBufPtr buf, xmlParserInputPtr input,
size_t base, size_t cur);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __XML_BUF_H__ */