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//===- lib/MC/MCContext.cpp - Machine Code Context ------------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "llvm/MC/MCContext.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Optional.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallString.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Twine.h"
#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/COFF.h"
#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/ELF.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCAsmInfo.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCCodeView.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCDwarf.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCExpr.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCFragment.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCLabel.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCObjectFileInfo.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSectionCOFF.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSectionELF.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSectionMachO.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSectionWasm.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCStreamer.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSymbol.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSymbolCOFF.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSymbolELF.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSymbolMachO.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSymbolWasm.h"
#include "llvm/MC/SectionKind.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Casting.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CommandLine.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorHandling.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Signals.h"
#include "llvm/Support/SourceMgr.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <tuple>
#include <utility>
using namespace llvm;
static cl::opt<char*>
cl::desc("As secure log file name (initialized from "
"AS_SECURE_LOG_FILE env variable)"),
cl::init(getenv("AS_SECURE_LOG_FILE")), cl::Hidden);
MCContext::MCContext(const MCAsmInfo *mai, const MCRegisterInfo *mri,
const MCObjectFileInfo *mofi, const SourceMgr *mgr,
bool DoAutoReset)
: SrcMgr(mgr), InlineSrcMgr(nullptr), MAI(mai), MRI(mri), MOFI(mofi),
Symbols(Allocator), UsedNames(Allocator),
CurrentDwarfLoc(0, 0, 0, DWARF2_FLAG_IS_STMT, 0, 0),
AutoReset(DoAutoReset) {
SecureLogFile = AsSecureLogFileName;
if (SrcMgr && SrcMgr->getNumBuffers())
MainFileName =
MCContext::~MCContext() {
if (AutoReset)
// NOTE: The symbols are all allocated out of a bump pointer allocator,
// we don't need to free them here.
// Module Lifetime Management
void MCContext::reset() {
// Call the destructors so the fragments are freed
DwarfDebugFlags = StringRef();
DwarfCompileUnitID = 0;
CurrentDwarfLoc = MCDwarfLoc(0, 0, 0, DWARF2_FLAG_IS_STMT, 0, 0);
AllowTemporaryLabels = true;
DwarfLocSeen = false;
GenDwarfForAssembly = false;
GenDwarfFileNumber = 0;
HadError = false;
// Symbol Manipulation
MCSymbol *MCContext::getOrCreateSymbol(const Twine &Name) {
SmallString<128> NameSV;
StringRef NameRef = Name.toStringRef(NameSV);
assert(!NameRef.empty() && "Normal symbols cannot be unnamed!");
MCSymbol *&Sym = Symbols[NameRef];
if (!Sym)
Sym = createSymbol(NameRef, false, false);
return Sym;
MCSymbol *MCContext::getOrCreateFrameAllocSymbol(StringRef FuncName,
unsigned Idx) {
return getOrCreateSymbol(Twine(MAI->getPrivateGlobalPrefix()) + FuncName +
"$frame_escape_" + Twine(Idx));
MCSymbol *MCContext::getOrCreateParentFrameOffsetSymbol(StringRef FuncName) {
return getOrCreateSymbol(Twine(MAI->getPrivateGlobalPrefix()) + FuncName +
MCSymbol *MCContext::getOrCreateLSDASymbol(StringRef FuncName) {
return getOrCreateSymbol(Twine(MAI->getPrivateGlobalPrefix()) + "__ehtable$" +
MCSymbol *MCContext::createSymbolImpl(const StringMapEntry<bool> *Name,
bool IsTemporary) {
if (MOFI) {
switch (MOFI->getObjectFileType()) {
case MCObjectFileInfo::IsCOFF:
return new (Name, *this) MCSymbolCOFF(Name, IsTemporary);
case MCObjectFileInfo::IsELF:
return new (Name, *this) MCSymbolELF(Name, IsTemporary);
case MCObjectFileInfo::IsMachO:
return new (Name, *this) MCSymbolMachO(Name, IsTemporary);
case MCObjectFileInfo::IsWasm:
return new (Name, *this) MCSymbolWasm(Name, IsTemporary);
return new (Name, *this) MCSymbol(MCSymbol::SymbolKindUnset, Name,
MCSymbol *MCContext::createSymbol(StringRef Name, bool AlwaysAddSuffix,
bool CanBeUnnamed) {
if (CanBeUnnamed && !UseNamesOnTempLabels)
return createSymbolImpl(nullptr, true);
// Determine whether this is a user written assembler temporary or normal
// label, if used.
bool IsTemporary = CanBeUnnamed;
if (AllowTemporaryLabels && !IsTemporary)
IsTemporary = Name.startswith(MAI->getPrivateGlobalPrefix());
SmallString<128> NewName = Name;
bool AddSuffix = AlwaysAddSuffix;
unsigned &NextUniqueID = NextID[Name];
while (true) {
if (AddSuffix) {
raw_svector_ostream(NewName) << NextUniqueID++;
auto NameEntry = UsedNames.insert(std::make_pair(NewName, true));
if (NameEntry.second || !NameEntry.first->second) {
// Ok, we found a name.
// Mark it as used for a non-section symbol.
NameEntry.first->second = true;
// Have the MCSymbol object itself refer to the copy of the string that is
// embedded in the UsedNames entry.
return createSymbolImpl(&*NameEntry.first, IsTemporary);
assert(IsTemporary && "Cannot rename non-temporary symbols");
AddSuffix = true;
llvm_unreachable("Infinite loop");
MCSymbol *MCContext::createTempSymbol(const Twine &Name, bool AlwaysAddSuffix,
bool CanBeUnnamed) {
SmallString<128> NameSV;
raw_svector_ostream(NameSV) << MAI->getPrivateGlobalPrefix() << Name;
return createSymbol(NameSV, AlwaysAddSuffix, CanBeUnnamed);
MCSymbol *MCContext::createLinkerPrivateTempSymbol() {
SmallString<128> NameSV;
raw_svector_ostream(NameSV) << MAI->getLinkerPrivateGlobalPrefix() << "tmp";
return createSymbol(NameSV, true, false);
MCSymbol *MCContext::createTempSymbol(bool CanBeUnnamed) {
return createTempSymbol("tmp", true, CanBeUnnamed);
unsigned MCContext::NextInstance(unsigned LocalLabelVal) {
MCLabel *&Label = Instances[LocalLabelVal];
if (!Label)
Label = new (*this) MCLabel(0);
return Label->incInstance();
unsigned MCContext::GetInstance(unsigned LocalLabelVal) {
MCLabel *&Label = Instances[LocalLabelVal];
if (!Label)
Label = new (*this) MCLabel(0);
return Label->getInstance();
MCSymbol *MCContext::getOrCreateDirectionalLocalSymbol(unsigned LocalLabelVal,
unsigned Instance) {
MCSymbol *&Sym = LocalSymbols[std::make_pair(LocalLabelVal, Instance)];
if (!Sym)
Sym = createTempSymbol(false);
return Sym;
MCSymbol *MCContext::createDirectionalLocalSymbol(unsigned LocalLabelVal) {
unsigned Instance = NextInstance(LocalLabelVal);
return getOrCreateDirectionalLocalSymbol(LocalLabelVal, Instance);
MCSymbol *MCContext::getDirectionalLocalSymbol(unsigned LocalLabelVal,
bool Before) {
unsigned Instance = GetInstance(LocalLabelVal);
if (!Before)
return getOrCreateDirectionalLocalSymbol(LocalLabelVal, Instance);
MCSymbol *MCContext::lookupSymbol(const Twine &Name) const {
SmallString<128> NameSV;
StringRef NameRef = Name.toStringRef(NameSV);
return Symbols.lookup(NameRef);
void MCContext::setSymbolValue(MCStreamer &Streamer,
StringRef Sym,
uint64_t Val) {
auto Symbol = getOrCreateSymbol(Sym);
Streamer.EmitAssignment(Symbol, MCConstantExpr::create(Val, *this));
// Section Management
MCSectionMachO *MCContext::getMachOSection(StringRef Segment, StringRef Section,
unsigned TypeAndAttributes,
unsigned Reserved2, SectionKind Kind,
const char *BeginSymName) {
// We unique sections by their segment/section pair. The returned section
// may not have the same flags as the requested section, if so this should be
// diagnosed by the client as an error.
// Form the name to look up.
SmallString<64> Name;
Name += Segment;
Name += Section;
// Do the lookup, if we have a hit, return it.
MCSectionMachO *&Entry = MachOUniquingMap[Name];
if (Entry)
return Entry;
MCSymbol *Begin = nullptr;
if (BeginSymName)
Begin = createTempSymbol(BeginSymName, false);
// Otherwise, return a new section.
return Entry = new (MachOAllocator.Allocate()) MCSectionMachO(
Segment, Section, TypeAndAttributes, Reserved2, Kind, Begin);
void MCContext::renameELFSection(MCSectionELF *Section, StringRef Name) {
StringRef GroupName;
if (const MCSymbol *Group = Section->getGroup())
GroupName = Group->getName();
unsigned UniqueID = Section->getUniqueID();
ELFSectionKey{Section->getSectionName(), GroupName, UniqueID});
auto I = ELFUniquingMap.insert(std::make_pair(
ELFSectionKey{Name, GroupName, UniqueID},
StringRef CachedName = I->first.SectionName;
const_cast<MCSectionELF *>(Section)->setSectionName(CachedName);
MCSectionELF *MCContext::createELFSectionImpl(StringRef Section, unsigned Type,
unsigned Flags, SectionKind K,
unsigned EntrySize,
const MCSymbolELF *Group,
unsigned UniqueID,
const MCSymbolELF *Associated) {
MCSymbolELF *R;
MCSymbol *&Sym = Symbols[Section];
// A section symbol can not redefine regular symbols. There may be multiple
// sections with the same name, in which case the first such section wins.
if (Sym && Sym->isDefined() &&
(!Sym->isInSection() || Sym->getSection().getBeginSymbol() != Sym))
reportError(SMLoc(), "invalid symbol redefinition");
if (Sym && Sym->isUndefined()) {
R = cast<MCSymbolELF>(Sym);
} else {
auto NameIter = UsedNames.insert(std::make_pair(Section, false)).first;
R = new (&*NameIter, *this) MCSymbolELF(&*NameIter, /*isTemporary*/ false);
if (!Sym)
Sym = R;
auto *Ret = new (ELFAllocator.Allocate()) MCSectionELF(
Section, Type, Flags, K, EntrySize, Group, UniqueID, R, Associated);
auto *F = new MCDataFragment();
Ret->getFragmentList().insert(Ret->begin(), F);
return Ret;
MCSectionELF *MCContext::createELFRelSection(const Twine &Name, unsigned Type,
unsigned Flags, unsigned EntrySize,
const MCSymbolELF *Group,
const MCSectionELF *RelInfoSection) {
StringMap<bool>::iterator I;
bool Inserted;
std::tie(I, Inserted) =
RelSecNames.insert(std::make_pair(Name.str(), true));
return createELFSectionImpl(
I->getKey(), Type, Flags, SectionKind::getReadOnly(), EntrySize, Group,
true, cast<MCSymbolELF>(RelInfoSection->getBeginSymbol()));
MCSectionELF *MCContext::getELFNamedSection(const Twine &Prefix,
const Twine &Suffix, unsigned Type,
unsigned Flags,
unsigned EntrySize) {
return getELFSection(Prefix + "." + Suffix, Type, Flags, EntrySize, Suffix);
MCSectionELF *MCContext::getELFSection(const Twine &Section, unsigned Type,
unsigned Flags, unsigned EntrySize,
const Twine &Group, unsigned UniqueID,
const MCSymbolELF *Associated) {
MCSymbolELF *GroupSym = nullptr;
if (!Group.isTriviallyEmpty() && !Group.str().empty())
GroupSym = cast<MCSymbolELF>(getOrCreateSymbol(Group));
return getELFSection(Section, Type, Flags, EntrySize, GroupSym, UniqueID,
MCSectionELF *MCContext::getELFSection(const Twine &Section, unsigned Type,
unsigned Flags, unsigned EntrySize,
const MCSymbolELF *GroupSym,
unsigned UniqueID,
const MCSymbolELF *Associated) {
StringRef Group = "";
if (GroupSym)
Group = GroupSym->getName();
// Do the lookup, if we have a hit, return it.
auto IterBool = ELFUniquingMap.insert(
std::make_pair(ELFSectionKey{Section.str(), Group, UniqueID}, nullptr));
auto &Entry = *IterBool.first;
if (!IterBool.second)
return Entry.second;
StringRef CachedName = Entry.first.SectionName;
SectionKind Kind;
Kind = SectionKind::getExecuteOnly();
else if (Flags & ELF::SHF_EXECINSTR)
Kind = SectionKind::getText();
Kind = SectionKind::getReadOnly();
MCSectionELF *Result = createELFSectionImpl(
CachedName, Type, Flags, Kind, EntrySize, GroupSym, UniqueID, Associated);
Entry.second = Result;
return Result;
MCSectionELF *MCContext::createELFGroupSection(const MCSymbolELF *Group) {
return createELFSectionImpl(".group", ELF::SHT_GROUP, 0,
SectionKind::getReadOnly(), 4, Group, ~0,
MCSectionCOFF *MCContext::getCOFFSection(StringRef Section,
unsigned Characteristics,
SectionKind Kind,
StringRef COMDATSymName, int Selection,
unsigned UniqueID,
const char *BeginSymName) {
MCSymbol *COMDATSymbol = nullptr;
if (!COMDATSymName.empty()) {
COMDATSymbol = getOrCreateSymbol(COMDATSymName);
COMDATSymName = COMDATSymbol->getName();
// Do the lookup, if we have a hit, return it.
COFFSectionKey T{Section, COMDATSymName, Selection, UniqueID};
auto IterBool = COFFUniquingMap.insert(std::make_pair(T, nullptr));
auto Iter = IterBool.first;
if (!IterBool.second)
return Iter->second;
MCSymbol *Begin = nullptr;
if (BeginSymName)
Begin = createTempSymbol(BeginSymName, false);
StringRef CachedName = Iter->first.SectionName;
MCSectionCOFF *Result = new (COFFAllocator.Allocate()) MCSectionCOFF(
CachedName, Characteristics, COMDATSymbol, Selection, Kind, Begin);
Iter->second = Result;
return Result;
MCSectionCOFF *MCContext::getCOFFSection(StringRef Section,
unsigned Characteristics,
SectionKind Kind,
const char *BeginSymName) {
return getCOFFSection(Section, Characteristics, Kind, "", 0, GenericSectionID,
MCSectionCOFF *MCContext::getCOFFSection(StringRef Section) {
COFFSectionKey T{Section, "", 0, GenericSectionID};
auto Iter = COFFUniquingMap.find(T);
if (Iter == COFFUniquingMap.end())
return nullptr;
return Iter->second;
MCSectionCOFF *MCContext::getAssociativeCOFFSection(MCSectionCOFF *Sec,
const MCSymbol *KeySym,
unsigned UniqueID) {
// Return the normal section if we don't have to be associative or unique.
if (!KeySym && UniqueID == GenericSectionID)
return Sec;
// If we have a key symbol, make an associative section with the same name and
// kind as the normal section.
unsigned Characteristics = Sec->getCharacteristics();
if (KeySym) {
Characteristics |= COFF::IMAGE_SCN_LNK_COMDAT;
return getCOFFSection(Sec->getSectionName(), Characteristics,
Sec->getKind(), KeySym->getName(),
return getCOFFSection(Sec->getSectionName(), Characteristics, Sec->getKind(),
"", 0, UniqueID);
MCSectionWasm *MCContext::getWasmSection(const Twine &Section, SectionKind K,
const Twine &Group, unsigned UniqueID,
const char *BeginSymName) {
MCSymbolWasm *GroupSym = nullptr;
if (!Group.isTriviallyEmpty() && !Group.str().empty()) {
GroupSym = cast<MCSymbolWasm>(getOrCreateSymbol(Group));
return getWasmSection(Section, K, GroupSym, UniqueID, BeginSymName);
MCSectionWasm *MCContext::getWasmSection(const Twine &Section, SectionKind Kind,
const MCSymbolWasm *GroupSym,
unsigned UniqueID,
const char *BeginSymName) {
StringRef Group = "";
if (GroupSym)
Group = GroupSym->getName();
// Do the lookup, if we have a hit, return it.
auto IterBool = WasmUniquingMap.insert(
std::make_pair(WasmSectionKey{Section.str(), Group, UniqueID}, nullptr));
auto &Entry = *IterBool.first;
if (!IterBool.second)
return Entry.second;
StringRef CachedName = Entry.first.SectionName;
MCSymbol *Begin = createSymbol(CachedName, false, false);
MCSectionWasm *Result = new (WasmAllocator.Allocate())
MCSectionWasm(CachedName, Kind, GroupSym, UniqueID, Begin);
Entry.second = Result;
auto *F = new MCDataFragment();
Result->getFragmentList().insert(Result->begin(), F);
return Result;
MCSubtargetInfo &MCContext::getSubtargetCopy(const MCSubtargetInfo &STI) {
return *new (MCSubtargetAllocator.Allocate()) MCSubtargetInfo(STI);
void MCContext::addDebugPrefixMapEntry(const std::string &From,
const std::string &To) {
DebugPrefixMap.insert(std::make_pair(From, To));
void MCContext::RemapDebugPaths() {
const auto &DebugPrefixMap = this->DebugPrefixMap;
const auto RemapDebugPath = [&DebugPrefixMap](std::string &Path) {
for (const auto &Entry : DebugPrefixMap)
if (StringRef(Path).startswith(Entry.first)) {
std::string RemappedPath =
(Twine(Entry.second) + Path.substr(Entry.first.size())).str();
// Remap compilation directory.
std::string CompDir = CompilationDir.str();
CompilationDir = CompDir;
// Remap MCDwarfDirs in all compilation units.
for (auto &CUIDTablePair : MCDwarfLineTablesCUMap)
for (auto &Dir : CUIDTablePair.second.getMCDwarfDirs())
// Dwarf Management
/// getDwarfFile - takes a file name and number to place in the dwarf file and
/// directory tables. If the file number has already been allocated it is an
/// error and zero is returned and the client reports the error, else the
/// allocated file number is returned. The file numbers may be in any order.
Expected<unsigned> MCContext::getDwarfFile(StringRef Directory,
StringRef FileName,
unsigned FileNumber,
MD5::MD5Result *Checksum,
Optional<StringRef> Source,
unsigned CUID) {
MCDwarfLineTable &Table = MCDwarfLineTablesCUMap[CUID];
return Table.tryGetFile(Directory, FileName, Checksum, Source, FileNumber);
/// isValidDwarfFileNumber - takes a dwarf file number and returns true if it
/// currently is assigned and false otherwise.
bool MCContext::isValidDwarfFileNumber(unsigned FileNumber, unsigned CUID) {
const MCDwarfLineTable &LineTable = getMCDwarfLineTable(CUID);
if (FileNumber == 0)
return getDwarfVersion() >= 5 && LineTable.hasRootFile();
if (FileNumber >= LineTable.getMCDwarfFiles().size())
return false;
return !LineTable.getMCDwarfFiles()[FileNumber].Name.empty();
/// Remove empty sections from SectionStartEndSyms, to avoid generating
/// useless debug info for them.
void MCContext::finalizeDwarfSections(MCStreamer &MCOS) {
[&](MCSection *Sec) { return !MCOS.mayHaveInstructions(*Sec); });
CodeViewContext &MCContext::getCVContext() {
if (!CVContext.get())
CVContext.reset(new CodeViewContext);
return *CVContext.get();
void MCContext::clearCVLocSeen() {
if (CVContext)
// Error Reporting
void MCContext::reportError(SMLoc Loc, const Twine &Msg) {
HadError = true;
// If we have a source manager use it. Otherwise, try using the inline source
// manager.
// If that fails, use the generic report_fatal_error().
if (SrcMgr)
SrcMgr->PrintMessage(Loc, SourceMgr::DK_Error, Msg);
else if (InlineSrcMgr)
InlineSrcMgr->PrintMessage(Loc, SourceMgr::DK_Error, Msg);
report_fatal_error(Msg, false);
void MCContext::reportFatalError(SMLoc Loc, const Twine &Msg) {
reportError(Loc, Msg);
// If we reached here, we are failing ungracefully. Run the interrupt handlers
// to make sure any special cleanups get done, in particular that we remove
// files registered with RemoveFileOnSignal.