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<!doctype html>
<title>Selection test iframe</title>
<link rel=author title="Aryeh Gregor">
<script src=common.js></script>
"use strict";
// This script only exists because we want to evaluate the range endpoints
// in each iframe using that iframe's local variables set up by common.js. It
// just creates a range with the endpoints given by
// eval(window.testRangeInput), and assigns the result to window.testRange. If
// there's an exception, it's assigned to window.unexpectedException.
// Everything else is to be done by the script that created the iframe.
window.unexpectedException = null;
function run() {
window.unexpectedException = null;
try {
window.testRange = rangeFromEndpoints(eval(window.testRangeInput));
} catch(e) {
window.unexpectedException = e;
// Remove the scripts so they don't run repeatedly when the iframe is
// reinitialized
[]"script"), function(script) {
}); = "none";