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<title>Service Workers: installing</title>
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`navigator.serviceWorker.installing` must return a [ServiceWorker][1] object
representing the [installing worker][2] that is currently undergoing the
installation process (from step 1 to step 7 of the [_Installation
algorithm][3]) for the given [URL scope][4] in which the document may be
[controlled][5] when the Service Worker becomes the [active worker][6].
`navigator.serviceWorker.installing` returns `null` if no Service Worker
[registration][7] is in the [installation process][8].
[1]: #service-worker-interface
[2]: #installing-worker
[3]: #installation-algorithm
[4]: #url-scope
[5]: #document-control
[6]: #active-worker
[7]: #service-worker-registration-internal-interface
[8]: #installation-process
test(function() {
// not_implemented();
}, "There are no tests for section installing so far.");