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# Defines the configuration of Remote Build Execution (RBE).
# The directory where the re-client tooling binaries are.
rbe_bin_dir = rebase_path("//buildtools/reclient", root_build_dir)
# The directory where the re-client configuration files are.
rbe_cfg_dir = rebase_path("//buildtools/reclient_cfgs", root_build_dir)
# RBE Execution root - this should be the root of the source tree.
# This is defined here instead of in the config file because
# this will vary depending on where the user has placed the
# chromium source on their system.
rbe_exec_root = rebase_path("//")
declare_args() {
# Set to true to enable remote compilation using RBE.
use_rbe = false
# Set to the path of the RBE reclient configuration file.
rbe_cc_cfg_file = ""
# Configuration file selection based on operating system.
if (is_linux || is_android) {
rbe_cc_cfg_file = "${rbe_cfg_dir}/rewrapper_linux.cfg"
if (is_win) {
rbe_cc_cfg_file = "${rbe_cfg_dir}/rewrapper_windows.cfg"
if (is_mac || is_ios) {
rbe_cc_cfg_file = "${rbe_cfg_dir}/rewrapper_mac.cfg"