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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "cobalt/dom/keyboard_event.h"
#include <string>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "cobalt/base/token.h"
#include "cobalt/base/tokens.h"
#include "cobalt/dom/keycode.h"
namespace cobalt {
namespace dom {
namespace {
base::Token TypeEnumToToken(KeyboardEvent::Type type) {
switch (type) {
case KeyboardEvent::kTypeKeyDown:
return base::Tokens::keydown();
case KeyboardEvent::kTypeKeyUp:
return base::Tokens::keyup();
case KeyboardEvent::kTypeKeyPress:
return base::Tokens::keypress();
NOTREACHED() << "Invalid KeyboardEvent::Type";
return base::Tokens::keydown();
} // namespace
KeyboardEvent::KeyboardEvent(const std::string& type)
: UIEventWithKeyState(base::Token(type), kBubbles, kCancelable, 0) {}
KeyboardEvent::KeyboardEvent(const Data& data)
: UIEventWithKeyState(TypeEnumToToken(data.type), kBubbles, kCancelable,
data_(data) {}
KeyboardEvent::KeyboardEvent(Type type, KeyLocationCode location,
unsigned int modifiers, int key_code,
int char_code, bool is_repeat)
: UIEventWithKeyState(TypeEnumToToken(type), kBubbles, kCancelable,
data_(type, location, modifiers, key_code, char_code, is_repeat) {}
// How to determine keycode:
// Virtual key code for keyup/keydown, 0 for keypress (split model)
int KeyboardEvent::key_code() const {
if (type() == base::Tokens::keydown() || type() == base::Tokens::keyup()) {
return data_.key_code;
return 0;
int KeyboardEvent::char_code() const {
return type() == base::Tokens::keypress() ? data_.char_code : 0;
std::string KeyboardEvent::key() const {
// First check if the event corresponds to a printable character.
// If so, just return a string containing that single character.
int char_code = ComputeCharCode(data_.key_code, modifiers());
if (char_code > 0 && char_code <= 127) {
return std::string(1, static_cast<char>(char_code));
// Otherwise, we have one of the non-printable characters.
// Definitions taken from:
switch (data_.key_code) {
case keycode::kBack:
return "Backspace";
case keycode::kTab:
return "Tab";
case keycode::kBacktab:
return "Tab";
case keycode::kClear:
return "Clear";
case keycode::kReturn:
return "Enter";
case keycode::kShift:
return "Shift";
case keycode::kControl:
return "Control";
case keycode::kMenu:
return "Alt";
case keycode::kPause:
return "Pause";
case keycode::kCapital:
return "CapsLock";
case keycode::kKana:
return "KanaMode";
case keycode::kJunja:
return "JunjaMode";
case keycode::kFinal:
return "HanjaMode";
case keycode::kKanji:
return "KanjiMode";
case keycode::kEscape:
return "Esc";
case keycode::kConvert:
return "Convert";
case keycode::kNonconvert:
return "Nonconvert";
case keycode::kAccept:
return "Accept";
case keycode::kModechange:
return "ModeChange";
case keycode::kSpace:
return " ";
case keycode::kPrior:
return "PageUp";
case keycode::kNext:
return "PageDown";
case keycode::kEnd:
return "End";
case keycode::kHome:
return "Home";
case keycode::kLeft:
return "ArrowLeft";
case keycode::kUp:
return "ArrowUp";
case keycode::kRight:
return "ArrowRight";
case keycode::kDown:
return "ArrowDown";
case keycode::kSelect:
return "Select";
case keycode::kPrint:
return "Print";
case keycode::kExecute:
return "Execute";
case keycode::kSnapshot:
return "PrintScreen";
case keycode::kInsert:
return "Insert";
case keycode::kDelete:
return "Delete";
case keycode::kHelp:
return "Help";
case keycode::kLwin:
return "Win";
case keycode::kRwin:
return "Win";
case keycode::kApps:
return "Apps";
case keycode::kSleep:
return "Standby";
case keycode::kNumpad0:
return "0";
case keycode::kNumpad1:
return "1";
case keycode::kNumpad2:
return "2";
case keycode::kNumpad3:
return "3";
case keycode::kNumpad4:
return "4";
case keycode::kNumpad5:
return "5";
case keycode::kNumpad6:
return "6";
case keycode::kNumpad7:
return "7";
case keycode::kNumpad8:
return "8";
case keycode::kNumpad9:
return "9";
case keycode::kMultiply:
return "Multiply";
case keycode::kAdd:
return "Add";
case keycode::kSeparator:
return "Separator";
case keycode::kSubtract:
return "Subtract";
case keycode::kDecimal:
return "Decimal";
case keycode::kDivide:
return "Divide";
case keycode::kF1:
return "F1";
case keycode::kF2:
return "F2";
case keycode::kF3:
return "F3";
case keycode::kF4:
return "F4";
case keycode::kF5:
return "F5";
case keycode::kF6:
return "F6";
case keycode::kF7:
return "F7";
case keycode::kF8:
return "F8";
case keycode::kF9:
return "F9";
case keycode::kF10:
return "F10";
case keycode::kF11:
return "F11";
case keycode::kF12:
return "F12";
case keycode::kF13:
return "F13";
case keycode::kF14:
return "F14";
case keycode::kF15:
return "F15";
case keycode::kF16:
return "F16";
case keycode::kF17:
return "F17";
case keycode::kF18:
return "F18";
case keycode::kF19:
return "F19";
case keycode::kF20:
return "F20";
case keycode::kF21:
return "F21";
case keycode::kF22:
return "F22";
case keycode::kF23:
return "F23";
case keycode::kF24:
return "F24";
case keycode::kNumlock:
return "NumLock";
case keycode::kScroll:
return "Scroll";
case keycode::kWlan:
return "Unidentified";
case keycode::kPower:
return "Unidentified";
case keycode::kLshift:
case keycode::kRshift:
return "Shift";
case keycode::kLcontrol:
case keycode::kRcontrol:
return "Control";
case keycode::kLmenu:
case keycode::kRmenu:
return "Alt";
case keycode::kBrowserBack:
return "BrowserBack";
case keycode::kBrowserForward:
return "BrowserForward";
case keycode::kBrowserRefresh:
return "BrowserRefresh";
case keycode::kBrowserStop:
return "BrowserStop";
case keycode::kBrowserSearch:
return "BrowserSearch";
case keycode::kBrowserFavorites:
return "BrowserFavorites";
case keycode::kBrowserHome:
return "BrowserHome";
case keycode::kVolumeMute:
return "VolumeMute";
case keycode::kVolumeDown:
return "VolumeMute";
case keycode::kVolumeUp:
return "VolumeMute";
case keycode::kMediaNextTrack:
return "MediaNextTrack";
case keycode::kMediaPrevTrack:
return "MediaPrevTrack";
case keycode::kMediaStop:
return "MediaStop";
case keycode::kMediaPlayPause:
return "MediaPlayPause";
case keycode::kMediaLaunchMail:
return "LaunchMail";
case keycode::kMediaLaunchMediaSelect:
return "SelectMedia";
case keycode::kMediaLaunchApp1:
return "LaunchApplication1";
case keycode::kMediaLaunchApp2:
return "LaunchApplication1";
case keycode::kBrightnessDown:
return "BrightnessDown";
case keycode::kBrightnessUp:
return "BrightnessUp";
case keycode::kPlay:
return "Play";
return "Unidentified";
// Static.
int32 KeyboardEvent::ComputeCharCode(int32 key_code, uint32 modifiers) {
if (modifiers & UIEventWithKeyState::kShiftKey) {
return KeyCodeToCharCodeWithShift(key_code);
} else {
return KeyCodeToCharCodeNoShift(key_code);
// Static.
int KeyboardEvent::KeyCodeToCharCodeWithShift(int key_code) {
// Space is unaffected (keycode is same as Unicode).
// Characters are unaffected (keycode is uppercase by default).
// Numbers map to the corresponding symbol.
// Special symbols take on their shifted value.
if (key_code == keycode::kSpace) {
return key_code;
if (key_code >= keycode::kA && key_code <= keycode::kZ) {
return key_code;
switch (key_code) {
case keycode::k0:
return ')';
case keycode::k1:
return '!';
case keycode::k2:
return '@';
case keycode::k3:
return '#';
case keycode::k4:
return '$';
case keycode::k5:
return '%';
case keycode::k6:
return '^';
case keycode::k7:
return '&';
case keycode::k8:
return '*';
case keycode::k9:
return '(';
case keycode::kOem1:
return ':';
case keycode::kOemPlus:
return '+';
case keycode::kOemComma:
return '<';
case keycode::kOemMinus:
return '_';
case keycode::kOemPeriod:
return '>';
case keycode::kOem2:
return '?';
case keycode::kOem3:
return '~';
case keycode::kOem4:
return '{';
case keycode::kOem5:
return '|';
case keycode::kOem6:
return '}';
case keycode::kOem7:
return '"';
return 0;
// Static.
int KeyboardEvent::KeyCodeToCharCodeNoShift(int key_code) {
// Space keycode corresponds to Unicode value.
// Numbers are unaffected (keycode corresponds to correct Unicode value).
// Characters are mapped from uppercase to lowercase.
// Special symbols use their unshifted value.
if (key_code == keycode::kSpace) {
return key_code;
if (key_code >= keycode::k0 && key_code <= keycode::k9) {
return key_code;
if (key_code >= keycode::kA && key_code <= keycode::kZ) {
return key_code + 32;
switch (key_code) {
case keycode::kOem1:
return ';';
case keycode::kOemPlus:
return '=';
case keycode::kOemComma:
return ',';
case keycode::kOemMinus:
return '-';
case keycode::kOemPeriod:
return '.';
case keycode::kOem2:
return '/';
case keycode::kOem3:
return '`';
case keycode::kOem4:
return '[';
case keycode::kOem5:
return '\\';
case keycode::kOem6:
return ']';
case keycode::kOem7:
return '\'';
return 0;
// Static.
KeyboardEvent::KeyLocationCode KeyboardEvent::KeyCodeToKeyLocation(
int key_code) {
switch (key_code) {
case keycode::kLshift:
case keycode::kLcontrol:
case keycode::kLmenu:
return kDomKeyLocationLeft;
case keycode::kRshift:
case keycode::kRcontrol:
case keycode::kRmenu:
return kDomKeyLocationRight;
return kDomKeyLocationStandard;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace cobalt