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// Copyright (c) 2002-2012 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Surface.h: Defines the egl::Surface class, representing a drawing surface
// such as the client area of a window, including any back buffers.
// Implements EGLSurface and related functionality. [EGL 1.4] section 2.2 page 3.
#define EGLAPI
#include <EGL/egl.h>
#include "common/angleutils.h"
#include "common/system.h"
namespace gl
class Texture2D;
namespace rx
class Renderer;
class SwapChain;
namespace egl
class Display;
class Config;
class Surface;
class WindowSubclass
virtual ~WindowSubclass() {}
virtual bool getWindowSize(EGLint *width, EGLint *height) = 0;
class Surface
Surface(Display *display, const egl::Config *config, EGLNativeWindowType window, EGLint postSubBufferSupported);
Surface(Display *display, const egl::Config *config, HANDLE shareHandle, EGLint width, EGLint height, EGLenum textureFormat, EGLenum textureTarget);
bool initialize();
void release();
bool resetSwapChain();
bool hasWindow() const;
bool compareWindow(EGLNativeWindowType window) const;
bool swap();
bool postSubBuffer(EGLint x, EGLint y, EGLint width, EGLint height);
virtual EGLint getWidth() const;
virtual EGLint getHeight() const;
virtual EGLint isPostSubBufferSupported() const;
virtual rx::SwapChain *getSwapChain() const;
void setSwapInterval(EGLint interval);
bool checkForOutOfDateSwapChain(); // Returns true if swapchain changed due to resize or interval update
virtual EGLenum getTextureFormat() const;
virtual EGLenum getTextureTarget() const;
virtual EGLenum getFormat() const;
virtual void setBoundTexture(gl::Texture2D *texture);
virtual gl::Texture2D *getBoundTexture() const;
bool resizeSwapChain(EGLint backbufferWidth, EGLint backbufferHeight);
bool resetSwapChain(EGLint backbufferWidth, EGLint backbufferHeight);
bool swapRect(EGLint x, EGLint y, EGLint width, EGLint height);
static WindowSubclass *createWindowSubclass(Surface *surface, EGLNativeWindowType window);
WindowSubclass *mWindowSubclass;
Display *const mDisplay;
rx::Renderer *mRenderer;
HANDLE mShareHandle;
rx::SwapChain *mSwapChain;
const EGLNativeWindowType mWindow; // Window that the surface is created for.
const egl::Config *mConfig; // EGL config surface was created with
EGLint mHeight; // Height of surface
EGLint mWidth; // Width of surface
// EGLint horizontalResolution; // Horizontal dot pitch
// EGLint verticalResolution; // Vertical dot pitch
// EGLBoolean largestPBuffer; // If true, create largest pbuffer possible
// EGLBoolean mipmapTexture; // True if texture has mipmaps
// EGLint mipmapLevel; // Mipmap level to render to
// EGLenum multisampleResolve; // Multisample resolve behavior
EGLint mPixelAspectRatio; // Display aspect ratio
EGLenum mRenderBuffer; // Render buffer
EGLenum mSwapBehavior; // Buffer swap behavior
EGLenum mTextureFormat; // Format of texture: RGB, RGBA, or no texture
EGLenum mTextureTarget; // Type of texture: 2D or no texture
// EGLenum vgAlphaFormat; // Alpha format for OpenVG
// EGLenum vgColorSpace; // Color space for OpenVG
EGLint mSwapInterval;
EGLint mPostSubBufferSupported;
bool mSwapIntervalDirty;
gl::Texture2D *mTexture;