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/// @ref gtx_common
/// @file glm/gtx/common.hpp
/// @see core (dependence)
/// @see gtc_half_float (dependence)
/// @defgroup gtx_common GLM_GTX_common
/// @ingroup gtx
/// @brief Provide functions to increase the compatibility with Cg and HLSL languages
/// <glm/gtx/common.hpp> need to be included to use these functionalities.
#pragma once
// Dependencies:
#include "../vec2.hpp"
#include "../vec3.hpp"
#include "../vec4.hpp"
#include "../gtc/vec1.hpp"
# pragma message("GLM: GLM_GTX_common extension included")
namespace glm
/// @addtogroup gtx_common
/// @{
/// Returns true if x is a denormalized number
/// Numbers whose absolute value is too small to be represented in the normal format are represented in an alternate, denormalized format.
/// This format is less precise but can represent values closer to zero.
/// @tparam genType Floating-point scalar or vector types.
/// @see <a href="">GLSL isnan man page</a>
/// @see <a href="">GLSL 4.20.8 specification, section 8.3 Common Functions</a>
template <typename genType>
GLM_FUNC_DECL typename genType::bool_type isdenormal(genType const & x);
/// Similar to 'mod' but with a different rounding and integer support.
/// Returns 'x - y * trunc(x/y)' instead of 'x - y * floor(x/y)'
/// @see <a href="">GLSL mod vs HLSL fmod</a>
/// @see <a href="">GLSL mod man page</a>
template <typename T, precision P, template <typename, precision> class vecType>
GLM_FUNC_DECL vecType<T, P> fmod(vecType<T, P> const & v);
/// @}
}//namespace glm
#include "common.inl"