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/// @ref gtx_string_cast
/// @file glm/gtx/string_cast.hpp
/// @see core (dependence)
/// @see gtc_half_float (dependence)
/// @see gtx_integer (dependence)
/// @see gtx_quaternion (dependence)
/// @defgroup gtx_string_cast GLM_GTX_string_cast
/// @ingroup gtx
/// @brief Setup strings for GLM type values
/// <glm/gtx/string_cast.hpp> need to be included to use these functionalities.
/// This extension is not supported with CUDA
#pragma once
// Dependency:
#include "../glm.hpp"
#include "../gtc/type_precision.hpp"
#include "../gtc/quaternion.hpp"
#include "../gtx/dual_quaternion.hpp"
#include <string>
# error "GLM_GTX_string_cast is not supported on CUDA compiler"
# pragma message("GLM: GLM_GTX_string_cast extension included")
namespace glm
/// @addtogroup gtx_string_cast
/// @{
/// Create a string from a GLM vector or matrix typed variable.
/// @see gtx_string_cast extension.
template <template <typename, precision> class matType, typename T, precision P>
GLM_FUNC_DECL std::string to_string(matType<T, P> const & x);
/// @}
}//namespace glm
#include "string_cast.inl"