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/* NOTE : this header has no guards and is MEANT for multiple inclusion!
* If you are using "header protection" option with your compiler,
* please also find #pragma which disables it and put it here, to
* allow reentrancy of this header.
# error STLport epilog header can not be included as long as prolog has not be included.
/* If the platform provides any specific epilog actions,
* like #pragmas, do include platform-specific prolog file
# include <stl/config/_epilog.h>
# include <stl/_config_compat_post.h>
# if !defined (_STLP_DONT_REDEFINE_STD)
/* We redefine "std" to STLPORT, so that user code may use std:: transparently
* The STLPORT macro contains the STLport namespace name containing all the std
* stuff.
# if defined (std)
* Looks like the compiler native library on which STLport rely defined the std macro.
* This might introduce major incompatibility so report the problem to the STLport
* forum or comment the following #error at your own risk.
# error Incompatible native Std library.
# endif /* std */
# define std STLPORT
#undef _STLP_PROLOG_HEADER_INCLUDED /* defined in _prolog.h */