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/* NOTE : this header has no guards and is MEANT for multiple inclusion!
* If you are using "header protection" option with your compiler,
* please also find #pragma which disables it and put it here, to
* allow reentrancy of this header.
#include <stl/_cprolog.h>
/* Get all debug things, potentially only empty macros if none of
* the debug features available in user config file is activated. */
/* Thanks to _STLP_OUTERMOST_HEADER_ID we hide _debug.h when C standard
* headers are included as some platforms (Win32) include C standard headers
* in an 'extern "C"' scope which do not accept the templates exposed
* in _debug.h. */
#if defined (__cplusplus) && !defined (_STLP_DEBUG_H) && \
# include <stl/debug/_debug.h>