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* Copyright (c) 1997
* Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc.
* Copyright (c) 1999
* Boris Fomitchev
* This material is provided "as is", with absolutely no warranty expressed
* or implied. Any use is at your own risk.
* Permission to use or copy this software for any purpose is hereby granted
* without fee, provided the above notices are retained on all copies.
* Permission to modify the code and to distribute modified code is granted,
* provided the above notices are retained, and a notice that the code was
* modified is included with the above copyright notice.
# include <stl/_iosfwd.h>
template <class _CharT,
class _Traits = char_traits<_CharT>,
class _Alloc = allocator<_CharT> >
class basic_string;
template <class _CharT,
class _Traits,
class _Alloc>
class basic_string;
typedef basic_string<char, char_traits<char>, allocator<char> > string;
#if defined (_STLP_HAS_WCHAR_T)
typedef basic_string<wchar_t, char_traits<wchar_t>, allocator<wchar_t> > wstring;
//This function limits header dependency between exception and string
//implementation. It is implemented in _string.h
const char* _STLP_CALL __get_c_string(const string& __str);
#endif /* _STLP_STRING_FWD_H */
// Local Variables:
// mode:C++
// End: