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// Gathers unpredictable system data to be used for generating
// random bits
#include <MacTypes.h>
class CRandomizer {
void PeriodicAction(void);
// Private calls
void AddTimeSinceMachineStartup(void);
void AddAbsoluteSystemStartupTime(void);
void AddAppRunningTime(void);
void AddStartupVolumeInfo(void);
void AddFiller(void);
void AddCurrentMouse(void);
void AddNow(double millisecondUncertainty);
void AddBytes(void *data, long size, double entropy);
void GetTimeBaseResolution(void);
unsigned long SysTimer(void);
// System Info
bool mSupportsLargeVolumes;
bool mIsPowerPC;
bool mIs601;
// Time info
double mTimebaseTicksPerMillisec;
unsigned long mLastPeriodicTicks;
// Mouse info
long mSamplePeriod;
Point mLastMouse;
long mMouseStill;