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How to build (using scons, on Linux):
$ cd ots/test/
$ sudo apt-get install scons g++ libfreetype6-dev
$ scons
How to build (using gyp):
(Note: test programs which require gtest can't build with gyp for now)
1. If you are building OTS on Windows, download zlib from and put them in appropriate folder.
2. Run gyp_ots
$ ./gyp_ots
This will fetch gyp and generate build files. By default, following
files will be generated:
- MSVS solution file on Windows
- Xcode project file on Mac
- Makefile on Linux
If you want to generate Makefile on Mac, you can use -f option:
$ ./gyp_ots -f make
3. Build OTS
Using MSVS:
Open ots-standalone.sln and build targets.
Using Xcode:
$ xcodebuild -target ots-standalone.xcodeproj -target all
Using Makefile:
$ make