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Name: Protocol Buffers
Short Name: protobuf
License: BSD
License File: COPYING.txt
Version: unknown
Revision: r423
Security Critical: yes
Local files (not taken from upstream):
A protobuf.gyp file has been added for building with Chromium.
This code has been patched to support unknown field retention in protobuf-lite.
See r62331 for the patch.
This code has been patched to ensure that files in the target protobuf_lite
do not include headers from protobuf_full. See r173228 for the patch.
Revisions r427 and r430 were cherry-picked from upstream.
Cherry-pick patch from
Notes about Java:
We have not forked the Java version of protobuf-lite, so the Java version does
not support unknown field retention.
The list of Java files included in the lite profile for Java is parsed from the
maven java/pom.xml by the script See
'javac_includes' variable in protobuf_lite_javalib GYP target.