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* Copyright (C) 2005-2013, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef __CSDETECT_H
#define __CSDETECT_H
#include "unicode/uobject.h"
class InputText;
class CharsetRecognizer;
class CharsetMatch;
class CharsetDetector : public UMemory
InputText *textIn;
CharsetMatch **resultArray;
int32_t resultCount;
UBool fStripTags; // If true, setText() will strip tags from input text.
UBool fFreshTextSet;
static void setRecognizers(UErrorCode &status);
UBool *fEnabledRecognizers; // If not null, active set of charset recognizers had
// been changed from the default. The array index is
// corresponding to fCSRecognizers. See setDetectableCharset().
CharsetDetector(UErrorCode &status);
void setText(const char *in, int32_t len);
const CharsetMatch * const *detectAll(int32_t &maxMatchesFound, UErrorCode &status);
const CharsetMatch *detect(UErrorCode& status);
void setDeclaredEncoding(const char *encoding, int32_t len) const;
UBool setStripTagsFlag(UBool flag);
UBool getStripTagsFlag() const;
// const char *getCharsetName(int32_t index, UErrorCode& status) const;
static int32_t getDetectableCount();
static UEnumeration * getAllDetectableCharsets(UErrorCode &status);
UEnumeration * getDetectableCharsets(UErrorCode &status) const;
void setDetectableCharset(const char *encoding, UBool enabled, UErrorCode &status);
#endif /* __CSDETECT_H */