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* This fuzz target attempts to compress the fuzzed data with the simple
* compression function with an output buffer that may be too small to
* ensure that the compressor never crashes.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "fuzz_helpers.h"
#include "fuzz_data_producer.h"
#include "lz4.h"
#include "lz4hc.h"
int LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(const uint8_t *data, size_t size)
FUZZ_dataProducer_t *producer = FUZZ_dataProducer_create(data, size);
size_t const dstCapacitySeed = FUZZ_dataProducer_retrieve32(producer);
size_t const levelSeed = FUZZ_dataProducer_retrieve32(producer);
size = FUZZ_dataProducer_remainingBytes(producer);
size_t const dstCapacity = FUZZ_getRange_from_uint32(dstCapacitySeed, 0, size);
int const level = FUZZ_getRange_from_uint32(levelSeed, LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MIN, LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX);
char* const dst = (char*)malloc(dstCapacity);
char* const rt = (char*)malloc(size);
/* If compression succeeds it must round trip correctly. */
int const dstSize = LZ4_compress_HC((const char*)data, dst, size,
dstCapacity, level);
if (dstSize > 0) {
int const rtSize = LZ4_decompress_safe(dst, rt, dstSize, size);
FUZZ_ASSERT_MSG(rtSize == size, "Incorrect regenerated size");
FUZZ_ASSERT_MSG(!memcmp(data, rt, size), "Corruption!");
if (dstCapacity > 0) {
/* Compression succeeds and must round trip correctly. */
void* state = malloc(LZ4_sizeofStateHC());
int compressedSize = size;
int const dstSize = LZ4_compress_HC_destSize(state, (const char*)data,
dst, &compressedSize,
dstCapacity, level);
FUZZ_ASSERT(dstSize > 0);
int const rtSize = LZ4_decompress_safe(dst, rt, dstSize, size);
FUZZ_ASSERT_MSG(rtSize == compressedSize, "Incorrect regenerated size");
FUZZ_ASSERT_MSG(!memcmp(data, rt, compressedSize), "Corruption!");
return 0;