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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrContext_Base_DEFINED
#define GrContext_Base_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "include/gpu/GrBackendSurface.h"
#include "include/gpu/GrContextOptions.h"
#include "include/gpu/GrTypes.h"
class GrBaseContextPriv;
class GrCaps;
class GrContext;
class GrImageContext;
class GrRecordingContext;
class GrSkSLFPFactoryCache;
class GrContext_Base : public SkRefCnt {
virtual ~GrContext_Base();
* The 3D API backing this context
SK_API GrBackendApi backend() const { return fBackend; }
* Retrieve the default GrBackendFormat for a given SkColorType and renderability.
* It is guaranteed that this backend format will be the one used by the GrContext
* SkColorType and SkSurfaceCharacterization-based createBackendTexture methods.
* The caller should check that the returned format is valid.
SK_API GrBackendFormat defaultBackendFormat(SkColorType, GrRenderable) const;
// Provides access to functions that aren't part of the public API.
GrBaseContextPriv priv();
const GrBaseContextPriv priv() const;
friend class GrBaseContextPriv; // for hidden functions
GrContext_Base(GrBackendApi backend, const GrContextOptions& options, uint32_t contextID);
virtual bool init(sk_sp<const GrCaps>, sk_sp<GrSkSLFPFactoryCache>);
* An identifier for this context. The id is used by all compatible contexts. For example,
* if SkImages are created on one thread using an image creation context, then fed into a
* DDL Recorder on second thread (which has a recording context) and finally replayed on
* a third thread with a direct context, then all three contexts will report the same id.
* It is an error for an image to be used with contexts that report different ids.
uint32_t contextID() const { return fContextID; }
bool matches(GrContext_Base* candidate) const {
return candidate->contextID() == this->contextID();
* The options in effect for this context
const GrContextOptions& options() const { return fOptions; }
const GrCaps* caps() const;
sk_sp<const GrCaps> refCaps() const;
sk_sp<GrSkSLFPFactoryCache> fpFactoryCache();
virtual GrImageContext* asImageContext() { return nullptr; }
virtual GrRecordingContext* asRecordingContext() { return nullptr; }
virtual GrContext* asDirectContext() { return nullptr; }
const GrBackendApi fBackend;
const GrContextOptions fOptions;
const uint32_t fContextID;
sk_sp<const GrCaps> fCaps;
sk_sp<GrSkSLFPFactoryCache> fFPFactoryCache;
typedef SkRefCnt INHERITED;