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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Class for storing Skia Gold comparison properties.
* git revision being tested
* Whether the test is being run locally or on a bot
* What the continuous integration system is
import logging
import os
import subprocess
import sys
class SkiaGoldProperties(object):
def __init__(self, args):
"""Abstract class to validate and store properties related to Skia Gold.
args: The parsed arguments from an argparse.ArgumentParser.
self._git_revision = None
self._issue = None
self._patchset = None
self._job_id = None
self._local_pixel_tests = None
self._no_luci_auth = None
self._bypass_skia_gold_functionality = None
self._code_review_system = None
# Could in theory be configurable, but hard-coded for now since there's
# no plan to support anything else.
self._continuous_integration_system = 'buildbucket'
def IsTryjobRun(self):
return self.issue is not None
def continuous_integration_system(self):
return self._continuous_integration_system
def code_review_system(self):
return self._code_review_system or 'gerrit'
def git_revision(self):
return self._GetGitRevision()
def issue(self):
return self._issue
def job_id(self):
return self._job_id
def local_pixel_tests(self):
return self._IsLocalRun()
def no_luci_auth(self):
return self._no_luci_auth
def patchset(self):
return self._patchset
def bypass_skia_gold_functionality(self):
return self._bypass_skia_gold_functionality
def _GetGitOriginMasterHeadSha1():
raise NotImplementedError()
def _GetGitRevision(self):
if not self._git_revision:
# Automated tests should always pass the revision, so assume we're on
# a workstation and try to get the local origin/master HEAD.
if not self._IsLocalRun():
raise RuntimeError(
'--git-revision was not passed when running on a bot')
revision = self._GetGitOriginMasterHeadSha1()
if not revision or len(revision) != 40:
raise RuntimeError(
'--git-revision not passed and unable to determine from git')
self._git_revision = revision
return self._git_revision
def _IsLocalRun(self):
if self._local_pixel_tests is None:
# Look for the presence of the SWARMING_SERVER environment variable as a
# heuristic to determine whether we're running on a workstation or a bot.
# This should always be set on swarming, but would be strange to be set on
# a workstation.
self._local_pixel_tests = 'SWARMING_SERVER' not in os.environ
if self._local_pixel_tests:
'Automatically determined that test is running on a workstation')
'Automatically determined that test is running on a bot')
return self._local_pixel_tests
def _InitializeProperties(self, args):
if hasattr(args, 'local_pixel_tests'):
# If not set, will be automatically determined later if needed.
self._local_pixel_tests = args.local_pixel_tests
if hasattr(args, 'no_luci_auth'):
self._no_luci_auth = args.no_luci_auth
if hasattr(args, 'bypass_skia_gold_functionality'):
self._bypass_skia_gold_functionality = args.bypass_skia_gold_functionality
if hasattr(args, 'code_review_system'):
self._code_review_system = args.code_review_system
# Will be automatically determined later if needed.
if not hasattr(args, 'git_revision') or not args.git_revision:
self._git_revision = args.git_revision
# Only expected on tryjob runs.
if not hasattr(args, 'gerrit_issue') or not args.gerrit_issue:
self._issue = args.gerrit_issue
if not hasattr(args, 'gerrit_patchset') or not args.gerrit_patchset:
raise RuntimeError(
'--gerrit-issue passed, but --gerrit-patchset not passed.')
self._patchset = args.gerrit_patchset
if not hasattr(args, 'buildbucket_id') or not args.buildbucket_id:
raise RuntimeError(
'--gerrit-issue passed, but --buildbucket-id not passed.')
self._job_id = args.buildbucket_id