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Name: icu
Version: 68.1
CPEPrefix: cpe:/a:icu-project:international_components_for_unicode:68.1
License: MIT
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the source code of ICU 68.1 for C/C++.
A. How to update ICU
1. Run "scripts/ <version>" (e.g. 68-1).
This will download ICU from the upstream git repository.
It does preserve Chrome-specific build files and
converter files. (see section C)
source.gni and icu.gyp* files are automatically updated, too.
2. Review and apply patches/changes in "D. Local Modifications" if
necessary/applicable. Update patch files in patches/.
3. Follow the instructions in section B on building ICU data files
B. How to build ICU data files
Pre-built data files are generated and checked in with the following steps
1. icu data files for Chrome OS, Linux, Mac and Windows
a. Make a icu data build directory outside the Chromium source tree
and cd to that directory (say, $ICUBUILDIR).
b. Run
This script takes the following steps:
i) Run
${CHROME_ICU_TREE_TOP}/source/runConfigureICU Linux --disable-layout --disable-tests
ii) Run make
iii) (cd data && make clean)
iv) scripts/ common
This configure the build with filer for common.
v) Run make
vi) scripts/ common
This copies the ICU data files for non-Android platforms
(both Little and Big Endian) to the following locations:
vii) Repeat step iii) - vi) for chromeos to produce chromeos/icudtl.dat
viii) cast/
Modify the file for cast, android, ios and flutter.
ix) Repeat step iii) - vi) for cast, andriod and ios to produce
x) flutter/
On top of cast/ (step viii)), further patch
the code for flutter.
xi) Repeat step iii) - vi) for flutter to produce
xii) scripts/
This reverts the result of cast/ and flutter/
make the tree ready for committing updated ICU data files for
non-Android and Android platforms.
c. Whenever data is updated (e.g timezone update), take step b as long
as the ICU build directory used in a. is kept.
2. Note on the locale data customization
- filter/chromeos.json
a. Filter the locale data for ChromeOS's UI langauges :
locales, lang, region, currency, zone
b. Filter the locale data for non-UI languages to the bare minimum :
ExemplarCharacters, LocaleScript, layout, and the name of the
language for a locale in its native language.
c. Filter the legacy Chinese character set-based collation
(big5han/gb2312han) that don't make any sense and nobdoy uses.
- filter/common.json
Same as above in filter/chromeos.json, AND
e. Filter exemplar cities in timezone data (data/zone).
- filter/android.json and filter/ios.json
a. Filter the locale data for Android / iOS UI langauges :
locales, lang, region, currency, zone
b. Filter the locale data for non-UI languages to the bare minimum :
ExemplarCharacters, LocaleScript, layout, and the name of the
language for a locale in its native language.
c. Filter the legacy Chinese character set-based collation
d. Filter source/data/{region,lang} to exclude these data
except the language and script names of zh_Hans and zh_Hant.
e. Keep only the minimal calendar data in data/locales.
f. Include currency display names for a smaller subset of currencies.
g. Minimize the locale data for 9 locales to which Chrome on Android
is not localized.
C. Chromium-specific data build files and converters
They're preserved in step A.1 above. In general, there's no need to touch
them when updating ICU.
1. source/data/mappings
- convrtrs.txt : Lists encodings and aliases required by the WHATWG
Encoding spec plus a few extra (see the file as to why).
- ucmlocal.txt : to list only converters we need.
- *html.ucm: Mapping files per WHATWG encoding standards for EUC-JP,
Shift_JIS, Big5 (Big5+Big5HKSCS), EUC-KR and all the single byte encodings.
They're generated with scripts/{eucjp,sjis,big5,euckr,single_byte}
- gb18030.ucm and windows-936.ucm
gb_table.patch was applied for the following changes. No need
to apply it again. The patch is kept for the record.
a. Map \xA3\xA0 to U+3000 instead of U+E5E5 in gb18030 and windows-936 per
the encoding spec (one-way mapping in toUnicode direction).
b. Map \xA8\xBF to U+01F9 instead of U+E7C8. Add one-way map
from U+1E3F to \xA8\xBC (windows-936/GBK).
2. source/data/brkitr
- dictionaries/khmerdict.txt: Abridged Khmer dictionary. See
- rules/word_ja.txt (used only on Android)
Added for Japanese-specific word-breaking without the C+J dictionary.
- rules/{root,zh,zh_Hant}.txt
a. Use line_normal by default.
b. Drop local patches we used to have for the following issues. They'll
be dealt with in the upstream (Unicode/CLDR). (
3. Add {an,ku,tg,wa}.txt to source/data/{locale,lang}
with the minimal locale data necessary for spellchecker and
and language menus.
D. Local Modifications
1. Applied locale data patches from Google obtained by diff'ing
the upstream copy and Google's internal copy for source/data
- patches/locale_google.patch:
* Google's internal ICU locale changes
* Simpler region names for Hong Kong and Macau in all locales
* Currency signs in ru and uk locales (do not include 'tr' locale changes)
* AM/PM, midnight, noon formatting for a few Indian locales
* Timezone name changes in Korean and Chinese locales
* Default digit for Arabic locale is European digits.
- patches/locale1.patch: Minor fixes for Korean
2. Breakiterator patches
- patches/wordbrk.patch for word.txt
a. Move full stops (U+002E, U+FF0E) from MidNumLet to MidNum so that
FQDN labels can be split at '.'
b. Move fullwidth digits (U+FF10 - U+FF19) from Ideographic to Numeric.
- patches/khmer-dictbe.patch
Adjust parameters to use a smaller Khmer dictionary (khmerdict.txt).
- Add several common Chinese words that were dropped previously to
patch: patches/cjdict.patch
upstream bug:
3. Timezone data update
Run scripts/ to grab the latest version of the
following timezone data files and put them in source/data/misc
As of Octber 23, 2020, the latest version is 2020c and the above files
are available at the ICU github repos.
4. Build-related changes
- patches/configure.patch:
* Remove a section of configure that will cause breakage while
running runConfigureICU.
- patches/wpo.patch (only needed when icudata dll is used).
upstream bugs :
- patches/data_symb.patch :
Put ICU_DATA_ENTRY_POINT(icudtXX_dat) in common when we use
the icu data file or icudt.dll
5. ISO-2022-JP encoding (fromUnicode) change per WHATWG encoding spec.
- patches/iso2022jp.patch
- upstream bug:
6. Enable tracing of file but not resource, only for Chromium
to reduce performance impact/risk.
- patches/restrace.patch
7. Patch Arabic date time pattern back to 67 value to avoid test
breakage in
- patches/ardatepattern.patch
8. Patch fix for CFI due to unnecessary cast
- patches/fixCFI.patch
- updatream PR:
- updtream bug:
9. Patch fix for > 8 items in ListFormatter Memory READ
- patches/listformatmemread.patch
- updatream PR:
- updtream bug:
10. Patch fix for Locale::setKeywordValue
- updatream PR:
- updtream bug:
11. Patch Windows to fix Host timezone detection
- updatream PR:
- updtream bug:
12. Patch fixing crash in list format
- updatream PR:
- updtream bug: