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Name: libjpeg-turbo
Version: b201838d8b5f2f80c9f86ec8405a62a002232b2c (post 2.1.0)
License: Custom license
License File:
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This consists of the components:
* libjpeg-turbo b201838d8b5f2f80c9f86ec8405a62a002232b2c (post 2.1.0)
* This file (README.chromium)
* A build file (
* An OWNERS file
* A codereview.settings file
* Patched header files used by Chromium
* Deleted unused directories: cmakescripts, doc, fuzz, java, release,
sharedlib, simd/loongson, simd/mips, simd/powerpc, and win
* Deleted unused files: appveyor.yml, CMakeLists.txt, doxygen.config,
doxygen-extra.css, .gitattributes, md5/CMakeLists.txt, md5/md5cmp.c,
simd/CMakeLists.txt, tjexample.c,, and
* Deleted legacy Arm Neon assembly files (supporting old compiler versions that
do not generate performant code from intrinsics):
simd/arm/aarch32/jsimd_neon.S, simd/arm/aarch64/jsimd_neon.S.
This libjpeg-turbo can replace our libjpeg-6b without any modifications in the
Chromium code.
Same as our copy of libjpeg-6b, this libjpeg-turbo also added a new file
jpeglibmangler.h and included it from jpeglib.h that changes the names of all
externally visible functions to chromium_* so that we can avoid conflicts that
arise when system libraries attempt to use our libjpeg. Also, we applied the
following changes which are not merged to upstream:
* Configuration files jconfig.h, jconfigint.h and neon-compat.h were generated
and then altered manually to be compatible on all of Chromium's platforms.
* Fix static const data duplication of jpeg_nbits_table. A unique copy
was in the jchuff.obj and jcphuff.obj resulting in an added 65k in
.rdata in chrome.dll and chrome_child.dll. Declaring extern const
in the header instead of static const and moving the definition to
a new .c file fixes this so only one copy is referenced. Also added
extern wrappers around usage in asm files. The
file was also deleted. It was also necessary to give this table hidden
visibility to avoid invalid relocations (ignored by ld but rejected by
lld) arising from attempts to reference the table from assembler on
32-bit x86. This only affects shared libraries, but that's important
for downstream Android builds.
* Patches to enable running the upstream unit tests through GTest.
The upstream unit tests are defined here under the section 'TESTS':
These changes are tracked by Chromium issue:
- Refactor tjunittest.c to provide test interface
- Move tjunittest logs from stdout to stderr
- Refactor tjbench.c to provide test interface
- Move tbench logs from stdout to stderr
- Write tjunittest output files to sdcard on Android
- Refactor cjpeg.c to provide test interface
- Refactor jpegtran.c to provide test interface
- Add input JPEG images for djpeg and jpegtran tests
- Refactor djpeg.c to provide test interface
A new gtest directory contains GTest wrappers (and associated utilities) for
each of tjunittest, tjbench, cjpeg, djpeg and jpegtran.
Refer to working-with-nested-repos [1] for details of how to setup your git
svn client to update the code (for making local changes, cherry picking from
upstream, etc).