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Name: Chromium: base/numerics
Short Name: base::numerics
SOURCE CODE: Copy the Chromium folder manually into this folder and run git cl format.
Date: 30/05/2016
Revision: 28b5bbb227d331c01e6ff9b2f8729732135aadc7 (Chromium)
Security Critical: no
License: Chromium
License File: LICENSE in Chromium/src
To avoid namespace collision in Cobalt, we rename the namespace of the copy of
Chromium base in Angle to base_copy.
base_copy::numerics is a library for doing some simple safe math and conversions. To update the checkout, simply
overwrite the base_copy/numerics folder with Chromium's latest. The only modifications are to the base/logging.h
file which defines CHECK to be ASSERT to be compatible with ANGLE.