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import re
import sys
abs_path_re = re.compile('[A-Za-z]:\\.*')
contents = sys.stdin.readlines()
if contents:
contents = [line.rstrip() for line in contents]
contents = [line.replace('"', '') for line in contents]
_, first_dep_line = contents[0].split(':', 1)
deps = []
remaining_deps = [first_dep_line] + contents[1:]
# Go through each line and split on whitespace.
# There may be multiple deps on each line.
for line in remaining_deps:
line = line.strip(' \t\\')
line = line.replace('\\', '/')
line_deps = line.split()
# Strip out all absolute paths. Assume these are system includes
# we don't care about. colons in the path confuse make.
deps = filter(lambda d: not abs_path_re.match(d), deps)
sys.stdout.write('%s %s: \\\n' % (deps[0] + '.d', deps[0] + '.o'))
sys.stdout.write(' \\\n'.join([' %s' % d for d in deps]))