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A Python implementation of the JSON5 data format.
`JSON5 <>`_ extends the
`JSON <>`_ data interchange format to make it
slightly more usable as a configuration language:
* JavaScript-style comments (both single and multi-line) are legal.
* Object keys may be unquoted if they are legal ECMAScript identifiers
* Objects and arrays may end with trailing commas.
* Strings can be single-quoted, and multi-line string literals are allowed.
There are a few other more minor extensions to JSON; see the above page for
the full details.
This project implements a reader and writer implementation for Python;
where possible, it mirrors the
`standard Python JSON API <>`_
package for ease of use.
This is an early release. It has been reasonably well-tested, but it is
*SLOW*. It can be 1000-6000x slower than the C-optimized JSON module,
and is 200x slower (or more) than the pure Python JSON module.
Known issues
* The `cls` keyword argument that json.load()/json.loads() accepts to
specify a custom subclass of JSONDecoder is not and will not be supported,
because this implementation uses a completely different approach and
doesn't have anything like the JSONDecoder and JSONEncoder classes.