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#!/usr/bin/python3 -i
# Copyright (c) 2013-2019 The Khronos Group Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Working-group-specific style conventions,
# used in generation.
import re
from conventions import ConventionsBase
# Modified from default implementation - see category_requires_validation() below
CATEGORIES_REQUIRING_VALIDATION = set(('handle', 'enum', 'bitmask'))
# Tokenize into "words" for structure types, approximately per spec "Implicit Valid Usage" section 2.7.2
# This first set is for things we recognize explicitly as words,
# as exceptions to the general regex.
# Ideally these would be listed in the spec as exceptions, as OpenXR does.
'16Bit', # VkPhysicalDevice16BitStorageFeatures
'8Bit', # VkPhysicalDevice8BitStorageFeaturesKHR
'AABB', # VkGeometryAABBNV
'ASTC', # VkPhysicalDeviceTextureCompressionASTCHDRFeaturesEXT
'D3D12', # VkD3D12FenceSubmitInfoKHR
'Float16', # VkPhysicalDeviceShaderFloat16Int8FeaturesKHR
'ImagePipe', # VkImagePipeSurfaceCreateInfoFUCHSIA
'Int64', # VkPhysicalDeviceShaderAtomicInt64FeaturesKHR
'Int8', # VkPhysicalDeviceShaderFloat16Int8FeaturesKHR
'MacOS', # VkMacOSSurfaceCreateInfoMVK
'Uint8', # VkPhysicalDeviceIndexTypeUint8FeaturesEXT
'Win32', # VkWin32SurfaceCreateInfoKHR
# A regex to match any of the SPECIAL_WORDS
EXCEPTION_PATTERN = r'(?P<exception>{})'.format(
'|'.join('(%s)' % re.escape(w) for w in SPECIAL_WORDS))
MAIN_RE = re.compile(
# the negative lookahead is to prevent the all-caps pattern from being too greedy.
class VulkanConventions(ConventionsBase):
def formatExtension(self, name):
"""Mark up a name as an extension for the spec."""
return '`<<{}>>`'.format(name)
def null(self):
"""Preferred spelling of NULL."""
return '`NULL`'
def struct_macro(self):
"""Get the appropriate format macro for a structure.
Primarily affects generated valid usage statements.
return 'slink:'
def constFlagBits(self):
"""Returns True if static const flag bits should be generated, False if an enumerated type should be generated."""
return False
def structtype_member_name(self):
"""Return name of the structure type member"""
return 'sType'
def nextpointer_member_name(self):
"""Return name of the structure pointer chain member"""
return 'pNext'
def valid_pointer_prefix(self):
"""Return prefix to pointers which must themselves be valid"""
return 'valid'
def is_structure_type_member(self, paramtype, paramname):
"""Determine if member type and name match the structure type member."""
return paramtype == 'VkStructureType' and paramname == self.structtype_member_name
def is_nextpointer_member(self, paramtype, paramname):
"""Determine if member type and name match the next pointer chain member."""
return paramtype == 'void' and paramname == self.nextpointer_member_name
def generate_structure_type_from_name(self, structname):
"""Generate a structure type name, like VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_CREATE_INSTANCE_INFO"""
structure_type_parts = []
# Tokenize into "words"
for elem in MAIN_RE.findall(structname):
word = elem[0]
if word == 'Vk':
return '_'.join(structure_type_parts)
def warning_comment(self):
"""Return warning comment to be placed in header of generated Asciidoctor files"""
return '// WARNING: DO NOT MODIFY! This file is automatically generated from the vk.xml registry'
def file_suffix(self):
"""Return suffix of generated Asciidoctor files"""
return '.txt'
def api_name(self, spectype='api'):
"""Return API or specification name for citations in ref pages.ref
pages should link to for
spectype is the spec this refpage is for: 'api' is the Vulkan API
Specification. Defaults to 'api'. If an unrecognized spectype is
given, returns None.
if spectype == 'api' or spectype is None:
return 'Vulkan'
return None
def xml_supported_name_of_api(self):
"""Return the supported= attribute used in API XML"""
return 'vulkan'
def api_prefix(self):
"""Return API token prefix"""
return 'VK_'
def write_contacts(self):
"""Return whether contact list should be written to extension appendices"""
return True
def write_refpage_include(self):
"""Return whether refpage include should be written to extension appendices"""
return True
def member_used_for_unique_vuid(self):
"""Return the member name used in the VUID-...-...-unique ID."""
return self.structtype_member_name
def is_externsync_command(self, protoname):
"""Returns True if the protoname element is an API command requiring
external synchronization
return protoname is not None and 'vkCmd' in protoname
def is_api_name(self, name):
"""Returns True if name is in the reserved API namespace.
For Vulkan, these are names with a case-insensitive 'vk' prefix, or
a 'PFN_vk' function pointer type prefix.
return name[0:2].lower() == 'vk' or name[0:6] == 'PFN_vk'
def specURL(self, spectype='api'):
"""Return public registry URL which ref pages should link to for the
current all-extensions HTML specification, so xrefs in the
asciidoc source that aren't to ref pages can link into it
instead. N.b. this may need to change on a per-refpage basis if
there are multiple documents involved.
return ''
def xml_api_name(self):
"""Return the name used in the default API XML registry for the default API"""
return 'vulkan'
def registry_path(self):
"""Return relpath to the default API XML registry in this project."""
return 'xml/vk.xml'
def specification_path(self):
"""Return relpath to the Asciidoctor specification sources in this project."""
return '{generated}/meta'
def extra_refpage_headers(self):
"""Return any extra text to add to refpage headers."""
return 'include::../config/attribs.txt[]'
def extension_index_prefixes(self):
"""Return a list of extension prefixes used to group extension refpages."""
return ['VK_KHR', 'VK_EXT', 'VK']
def unified_flag_refpages(self):
"""Return True if Flags/FlagBits refpages are unified, False if
they're separate.
return False
def spec_reflow_path(self):
"""Return the relative path to the spec source folder to reflow"""
return '.'
def spec_no_reflow_dirs(self):
"""Return a set of directories not to automatically descend into
when reflowing spec text
return ('scripts', 'style')
def zero(self):
return '`0`'
def category_requires_validation(self, category):
"""Return True if the given type 'category' always requires validation.
Overridden because Vulkan doesn't require "valid" text for basetype in the spec right now."""
def should_skip_checking_codes(self):
"""Return True if more than the basic validation of return codes should
be skipped for a command.
Vulkan mostly relies on the validation layers rather than API
builtin error checking, so these checks are not appropriate.
For example, passing in a VkFormat parameter will not potentially
return True