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Name Strings
Ian Ewell
Geoff Lang
John Bauman
Jeff Gilbert
Geoff Lang, Google (geofflang ‘at’
Version 2, November 15, 2017
EGL Extension #XXX
Requires EGL 1.4.
Requires OpenGL ES 2.0.
Requires the EGL_KHR_stream extension.
Requires the EGL_NV_stream_consumer_gltexture_yuv extension.
Requires the EGL_KHR_stream_consumer_gltexture extension.
Requires the EGL_ANGLE_device_d3d extension.
This extension allows D3D11 textures to be inserted into an EGL stream
with the expectation that the stream consumer will be either an RGB GL
texture consumer, or a YUV GL texture consumer using a two plane
configuration (i.e. a Y plane and a UV plane).
This will act as the producer of the stream.
New procedures and functions
EGLBoolean eglCreateStreamProducerD3DTextureANGLE(
EGLDisplay dpy,
EGLStreamKHR stream,
const EGLAttrib *attrib_list)
EGLBoolean eglStreamPostD3DTextureANGLE(EGLDisplay dpy,
EGLStreamKHR stream,
void *texture,
const EGLAttrib *attrib_list)
New Tokens
Accepted as an <attribute> in eglStreamPostD3DTextureANGLE:
Replace section " No way to connect producer to EGLStream" in the
EGL_KHR_stream extension with this: Stream Surface Producer
EGLBoolean eglCreateStreamProducerD3DTextureANGLE(
EGLDisplay dpy,
EGLStreamKHR stream,
const EGLAttrib *attrib_list)
to create a producer that accepts D3D11 textures and connect it as the
producer of <stream>. <attrib_list> is used to specify attributes for the
stream producer. Currently there are no attributes to specify, and the
attribute list is used as a placeholder for future additions.
On failure, eglCreateStreamProducerD3DTextureANGLE returns EGL_FALSE and
generates an error.
- EGL_BAD_STATE_KHR is generated if <stream> is not in the state
- EGL_BAD_MATCH is generated if <stream> does not have a connected GL
texture consumer.
- EGL_BAD_STREAM_KHR is generated if <stream> is not a valid EGLStream
generated for <dpy>.
- EGL_BAD_DISPLAY is generated if <dpy> is not a valid, initialized
Add a section preceding "3.9.3 Posting Semantics" in the EGL specification:
3.9.x Posting to a Stream
To post a D3D11 texture to a stream, call
EGLBoolean eglStreamPostD3DTextureANGLE(
EGLDisplay dpy,
EGLStreamKHR stream,
void *texture,
const EGLAttrib *attrib_list);
If <stream> is an appropriately configured stream and <texture> points to a
valid ID3D11Texture2D object of a supported format that is owned
by the same ID3D11Device that is queried with the EGL_ANGLE_device_d3d
extension, the texture will be posted to the stream and can be bound as one
or more OpenGL texture objects.
The parameter <attrib_list> allows for per-frame attributes to be specified
along with the texture. The only parameter currently available is
EGL_D3D_TEXTURE_SUBRESOURCE_ID_ANGLE, which allows the subresource id of
the texture that will be used to be specified. If this attribute is not
explicitly specified, it will default to the value of 0.
It is the responsibility of the application to perform any synchronization
between the insertion of the frame into the stream and the use of the
consumer textures output by the stream. The EGL_CONSUMER_LATENCY_USEC_KHR
attribute will have no effect on the function of the implementation of this
extension, but can still be used for communication between components of
the application.
The implementation will hold a reference to the D3D11 texture object if the
insertion is successful and will release the texture object when a new frame
is inserted or when the stream is destroyed.
On failure, eglStreamInsertD3DTexture returns EGL_FALSE and generates an
- EGL_BAD_STATE is generated if <stream> is not in the state
- EGL_BAD_MATCH is generated if the stream is not associated with a
D3D11 texture producer.
- EGL_BAD_PARAMETER is generated if <texture> is not owned by the
queried device, is not a supported format, is not compatible with the
implementation, or if the specified value for
EGL_D3D_TEXTURE_SUBRESOURCE_ID_ANGLE is not a valid subresource id for
the texture.
- EGL_BAD_STREAM_KHR is generated if <stream> is not a valid EGLStream.
- EGL_BAD_ATTRIBUTE is generated if an attribute other than
EGL_D3D_TEXTURE_SUBRESOURCE_ID_ANGLE is specified in <attrib_list>.
Revision History
#1 (April 6, 2016) Ian Ewell
- initial draft
#2 (November 15, 2017) Jeff Gilbert
- Rename from EGL_ANGLE_stream_producer_d3d_texture_nv12 to
- Remove NV12 suffix from function names
- add RGB GL texture consumer support
- reduce required EGL version to 1.4 (from 1.5)