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// Copyright 2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// SystemInfo.h: gathers information available without starting a GPU driver.
#include <cstdint>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace angle
using VendorID = uint32_t;
using DeviceID = uint32_t;
struct VersionInfo
uint32_t major = 0;
uint32_t minor = 0;
uint32_t subMinor = 0;
uint32_t patch = 0;
struct GPUDeviceInfo
GPUDeviceInfo(const GPUDeviceInfo &other);
VendorID vendorId = 0;
DeviceID deviceId = 0;
std::string driverVendor;
std::string driverVersion;
std::string driverDate;
// Only available on Android
VersionInfo detailedDriverVersion;
struct SystemInfo
SystemInfo(const SystemInfo &other);
bool hasNVIDIAGPU() const;
bool hasIntelGPU() const;
bool hasAMDGPU() const;
std::vector<GPUDeviceInfo> gpus;
// Index of the GPU expected to be used for 3D graphics. Based on a best-guess heuristic on
// some platforms. On windows, this is accurate.
int activeGPUIndex = -1;
bool isOptimus = false;
bool isAMDSwitchable = false;
// Only true on dual-GPU Mac laptops.
bool isMacSwitchable = false;
// Only available on Android
std::string machineManufacturer;
// Only available on macOS and Android
std::string machineModelName;
// Only available on macOS
std::string machineModelVersion;
// Gathers information about the system without starting a GPU driver and returns them in `info`.
// Returns true if all info was gathered, false otherwise. Even when false is returned, `info` will
// be filled with partial information.
bool GetSystemInfo(SystemInfo *info);
// Known PCI vendor IDs
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_AMD = 0x1002;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_ARM = 0x13B5;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_GOOGLE = 0x1AE0;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_ImgTec = 0x1010;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_Intel = 0x8086;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_NVIDIA = 0x10DE;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_Qualcomm = 0x5143;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_VMWare = 0x15ad;
// Known non-PCI (i.e. Khronos-registered) vendor IDs
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_Vivante = 0x10001;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_VeriSilicon = 0x10002;
constexpr VendorID kVendorID_Kazan = 0x10003;
// Known device IDs
constexpr DeviceID kDeviceID_Swiftshader = 0xC0DE;
// Predicates on vendor IDs
bool IsAMD(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsARM(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsImgTec(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsIntel(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsKazan(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsNVIDIA(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsQualcomm(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsSwiftshader(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsVeriSilicon(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsVMWare(VendorID vendorId);
bool IsVivante(VendorID vendorId);
// Use a heuristic to attempt to find the GPU used for 3D graphics. Sets activeGPUIndex,
// isOptimus, and isAMDSwitchable.
// Always assumes the non-Intel GPU is active on dual-GPU machines.
void GetDualGPUInfo(SystemInfo *info);
// Dumps the system info to stdout.
void PrintSystemInfo(const SystemInfo &info);
} // namespace angle