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// Copyright 2007-2008 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/utils/vector.h"
namespace disasm {
using byte = unsigned char;
// Interface and default implementation for converting addresses and
// register-numbers to text. The default implementation is machine
// specific.
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE NameConverter {
virtual ~NameConverter() = default;
virtual const char* NameOfCPURegister(int reg) const;
virtual const char* NameOfByteCPURegister(int reg) const;
virtual const char* NameOfXMMRegister(int reg) const;
virtual const char* NameOfAddress(byte* addr) const;
virtual const char* NameOfConstant(byte* addr) const;
virtual const char* NameInCode(byte* addr) const;
// Given a root-register-relative offset, returns either a name or nullptr if
// none is found.
// TODO(jgruber,v8:7989): This is a temporary solution until we can preserve
// code comments through snapshotting.
virtual const char* RootRelativeName(int offset) const { UNREACHABLE(); }
v8::internal::EmbeddedVector<char, 128> tmp_buffer_;
// A generic Disassembler interface
class Disassembler {
enum UnimplementedOpcodeAction : int8_t {
// Caller deallocates converter.
explicit Disassembler(const NameConverter& converter,
UnimplementedOpcodeAction unimplemented_opcode_action =
: converter_(converter),
unimplemented_opcode_action_(unimplemented_opcode_action) {}
UnimplementedOpcodeAction unimplemented_opcode_action() const {
return unimplemented_opcode_action_;
// Writes one disassembled instruction into 'buffer' (0-terminated).
// Returns the length of the disassembled machine instruction in bytes.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE int InstructionDecode(v8::internal::Vector<char> buffer,
byte* instruction);
// Returns -1 if instruction does not mark the beginning of a constant pool,
// or the number of entries in the constant pool beginning here.
int ConstantPoolSizeAt(byte* instruction);
// Write disassembly into specified file 'f' using specified NameConverter
// (see constructor).
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static void Disassemble(
FILE* f, byte* begin, byte* end,
UnimplementedOpcodeAction unimplemented_action =
const NameConverter& converter_;
const UnimplementedOpcodeAction unimplemented_opcode_action_;
} // namespace disasm