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// Copyright 2015 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/base/memory.h"
#include "src/base/platform/wrappers.h"
#include "src/codegen/signature.h"
#include "src/utils/vector.h"
#include "src/wasm/leb-helper.h"
#include "src/wasm/local-decl-encoder.h"
#include "src/wasm/value-type.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-module.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-opcodes.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-result.h"
#include "src/zone/zone-containers.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace wasm {
class ZoneBuffer : public ZoneObject {
// This struct is just a type tag for Zone::NewArray<T>(size_t) call.
struct Buffer {};
static constexpr size_t kInitialSize = 1024;
explicit ZoneBuffer(Zone* zone, size_t initial = kInitialSize)
: zone_(zone), buffer_(zone->NewArray<byte, Buffer>(initial)) {
pos_ = buffer_;
end_ = buffer_ + initial;
void write_u8(uint8_t x) {
*(pos_++) = x;
void write_u16(uint16_t x) {
base::WriteLittleEndianValue<uint16_t>(reinterpret_cast<Address>(pos_), x);
pos_ += 2;
void write_u32(uint32_t x) {
base::WriteLittleEndianValue<uint32_t>(reinterpret_cast<Address>(pos_), x);
pos_ += 4;
void write_u64(uint64_t x) {
base::WriteLittleEndianValue<uint64_t>(reinterpret_cast<Address>(pos_), x);
pos_ += 8;
void write_u32v(uint32_t val) {
LEBHelper::write_u32v(&pos_, val);
void write_i32v(int32_t val) {
LEBHelper::write_i32v(&pos_, val);
void write_u64v(uint64_t val) {
LEBHelper::write_u64v(&pos_, val);
void write_i64v(int64_t val) {
LEBHelper::write_i64v(&pos_, val);
void write_size(size_t val) {
DCHECK_EQ(val, static_cast<uint32_t>(val));
LEBHelper::write_u32v(&pos_, static_cast<uint32_t>(val));
void write_f32(float val) { write_u32(bit_cast<uint32_t>(val)); }
void write_f64(double val) { write_u64(bit_cast<uint64_t>(val)); }
void write(const byte* data, size_t size) {
if (size == 0) return;
memcpy(pos_, data, size);
pos_ += size;
void write_string(Vector<const char> name) {
write(reinterpret_cast<const byte*>(name.begin()), name.length());
size_t reserve_u32v() {
size_t off = offset();
pos_ += kMaxVarInt32Size;
return off;
// Patch a (padded) u32v at the given offset to be the given value.
void patch_u32v(size_t offset, uint32_t val) {
byte* ptr = buffer_ + offset;
for (size_t pos = 0; pos != kPaddedVarInt32Size; ++pos) {
uint32_t next = val >> 7;
byte out = static_cast<byte>(val & 0x7f);
if (pos != kPaddedVarInt32Size - 1) {
*(ptr++) = 0x80 | out;
val = next;
} else {
*(ptr++) = out;
void patch_u8(size_t offset, byte val) {
DCHECK_GE(size(), offset);
buffer_[offset] = val;
size_t offset() const { return static_cast<size_t>(pos_ - buffer_); }
size_t size() const { return static_cast<size_t>(pos_ - buffer_); }
const byte* data() const { return buffer_; }
const byte* begin() const { return buffer_; }
const byte* end() const { return pos_; }
void EnsureSpace(size_t size) {
if ((pos_ + size) > end_) {
size_t new_size = size + (end_ - buffer_) * 2;
byte* new_buffer = zone_->NewArray<byte, Buffer>(new_size);
memcpy(new_buffer, buffer_, (pos_ - buffer_));
pos_ = new_buffer + (pos_ - buffer_);
buffer_ = new_buffer;
end_ = new_buffer + new_size;
DCHECK(pos_ + size <= end_);
void Truncate(size_t size) {
DCHECK_GE(offset(), size);
pos_ = buffer_ + size;
byte** pos_ptr() { return &pos_; }
Zone* zone_;
byte* buffer_;
byte* pos_;
byte* end_;
class WasmModuleBuilder;
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE WasmFunctionBuilder : public ZoneObject {
// Building methods.
void SetSignature(FunctionSig* sig);
uint32_t AddLocal(ValueType type);
void EmitByte(byte b);
void EmitI32V(int32_t val);
void EmitU32V(uint32_t val);
void EmitCode(const byte* code, uint32_t code_size);
void Emit(WasmOpcode opcode);
void EmitWithPrefix(WasmOpcode opcode);
void EmitGetLocal(uint32_t index);
void EmitSetLocal(uint32_t index);
void EmitTeeLocal(uint32_t index);
void EmitI32Const(int32_t val);
void EmitI64Const(int64_t val);
void EmitF32Const(float val);
void EmitF64Const(double val);
void EmitS128Const(Simd128 val);
void EmitWithU8(WasmOpcode opcode, const byte immediate);
void EmitWithU8U8(WasmOpcode opcode, const byte imm1, const byte imm2);
void EmitWithI32V(WasmOpcode opcode, int32_t immediate);
void EmitWithU32V(WasmOpcode opcode, uint32_t immediate);
void EmitDirectCallIndex(uint32_t index);
void SetName(Vector<const char> name);
void AddAsmWasmOffset(size_t call_position, size_t to_number_position);
void SetAsmFunctionStartPosition(size_t function_position);
void SetCompilationHint(WasmCompilationHintStrategy strategy,
WasmCompilationHintTier baseline,
WasmCompilationHintTier top_tier);
size_t GetPosition() const { return body_.size(); }
void FixupByte(size_t position, byte value) {
body_.patch_u8(position, value);
void DeleteCodeAfter(size_t position);
void WriteSignature(ZoneBuffer* buffer) const;
void WriteBody(ZoneBuffer* buffer) const;
void WriteAsmWasmOffsetTable(ZoneBuffer* buffer) const;
WasmModuleBuilder* builder() const { return builder_; }
uint32_t func_index() { return func_index_; }
FunctionSig* signature();
explicit WasmFunctionBuilder(WasmModuleBuilder* builder);
friend class WasmModuleBuilder;
friend Zone;
struct DirectCallIndex {
size_t offset;
uint32_t direct_index;
WasmModuleBuilder* builder_;
LocalDeclEncoder locals_;
uint32_t signature_index_;
uint32_t func_index_;
ZoneBuffer body_;
Vector<const char> name_;
ZoneVector<uint32_t> i32_temps_;
ZoneVector<uint32_t> i64_temps_;
ZoneVector<uint32_t> f32_temps_;
ZoneVector<uint32_t> f64_temps_;
ZoneVector<DirectCallIndex> direct_calls_;
// Delta-encoded mapping from wasm bytes to asm.js source positions.
ZoneBuffer asm_offsets_;
uint32_t last_asm_byte_offset_ = 0;
uint32_t last_asm_source_position_ = 0;
uint32_t asm_func_start_source_position_ = 0;
uint8_t hint_ = kNoCompilationHint;
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE WasmModuleBuilder : public ZoneObject {
explicit WasmModuleBuilder(Zone* zone);
WasmModuleBuilder(const WasmModuleBuilder&) = delete;
WasmModuleBuilder& operator=(const WasmModuleBuilder&) = delete;
// Building methods.
uint32_t AddImport(Vector<const char> name, FunctionSig* sig,
Vector<const char> module = {});
WasmFunctionBuilder* AddFunction(FunctionSig* sig = nullptr);
uint32_t AddGlobal(ValueType type, bool mutability = true,
WasmInitExpr init = WasmInitExpr());
uint32_t AddGlobalImport(Vector<const char> name, ValueType type,
bool mutability, Vector<const char> module = {});
void AddDataSegment(const byte* data, uint32_t size, uint32_t dest);
uint32_t AddSignature(FunctionSig* sig);
uint32_t AddStructType(StructType* type);
uint32_t AddArrayType(ArrayType* type);
// In the current implementation, it's supported to have uninitialized slots
// at the beginning and/or end of the indirect function table, as long as
// the filled slots form a contiguous block in the middle.
uint32_t AllocateIndirectFunctions(uint32_t count);
void SetIndirectFunction(uint32_t indirect, uint32_t direct);
void SetMaxTableSize(uint32_t max);
uint32_t AddTable(ValueType type, uint32_t min_size);
uint32_t AddTable(ValueType type, uint32_t min_size, uint32_t max_size);
void MarkStartFunction(WasmFunctionBuilder* builder);
void AddExport(Vector<const char> name, ImportExportKindCode kind,
uint32_t index);
void AddExport(Vector<const char> name, WasmFunctionBuilder* builder) {
AddExport(name, kExternalFunction, builder->func_index());
uint32_t AddExportedGlobal(ValueType type, bool mutability, WasmInitExpr init,
Vector<const char> name);
void ExportImportedFunction(Vector<const char> name, int import_index);
void SetMinMemorySize(uint32_t value);
void SetMaxMemorySize(uint32_t value);
void SetHasSharedMemory();
// Writing methods.
void WriteTo(ZoneBuffer* buffer) const;
void WriteAsmJsOffsetTable(ZoneBuffer* buffer) const;
Zone* zone() { return zone_; }
FunctionSig* GetSignature(uint32_t index) {
DCHECK(types_[index].kind == Type::kFunctionSig);
return types_[index].sig;
struct Type {
enum Kind { kFunctionSig, kStructType, kArrayType };
explicit Type(FunctionSig* signature)
: kind(kFunctionSig), sig(signature) {}
explicit Type(StructType* struct_type)
: kind(kStructType), struct_type(struct_type) {}
explicit Type(ArrayType* array_type)
: kind(kArrayType), array_type(array_type) {}
Kind kind;
union {
FunctionSig* sig;
StructType* struct_type;
ArrayType* array_type;
struct WasmFunctionImport {
Vector<const char> module;
Vector<const char> name;
uint32_t sig_index;
struct WasmGlobalImport {
Vector<const char> module;
Vector<const char> name;
ValueTypeCode type_code;
bool mutability;
struct WasmExport {
Vector<const char> name;
ImportExportKindCode kind;
int index; // Can be negative for re-exported imports.
struct WasmGlobal {
ValueType type;
bool mutability;
WasmInitExpr init;
struct WasmTable {
ValueType type;
uint32_t min_size;
uint32_t max_size;
bool has_maximum;
struct WasmDataSegment {
ZoneVector<byte> data;
uint32_t dest;
friend class WasmFunctionBuilder;
Zone* zone_;
ZoneVector<Type> types_;
ZoneVector<WasmFunctionImport> function_imports_;
ZoneVector<WasmGlobalImport> global_imports_;
ZoneVector<WasmExport> exports_;
ZoneVector<WasmFunctionBuilder*> functions_;
ZoneVector<WasmTable> tables_;
ZoneVector<WasmDataSegment> data_segments_;
ZoneVector<uint32_t> indirect_functions_;
ZoneVector<WasmGlobal> globals_;
ZoneUnorderedMap<FunctionSig, uint32_t> signature_map_;
int start_function_index_;
uint32_t max_table_size_ = 0;
uint32_t min_memory_size_;
uint32_t max_memory_size_;
bool has_max_memory_size_;
bool has_shared_memory_;
// Once AddExportedImport is called, no more imports can be added.
bool adding_imports_allowed_ = true;
// Indirect functions must be allocated before adding extra tables.
bool allocating_indirect_functions_allowed_ = true;
inline FunctionSig* WasmFunctionBuilder::signature() {
return builder_->types_[signature_index_].sig;
} // namespace wasm
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8