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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Selectors-API Level 2 Test Suite: HTML with Selectors Level 3</title>
<!-- Selectors API Test Suite Version 3 -->
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="/dom/nodes/selectors.js"></script>
<script src="/dom/nodes/ParentNode-querySelector-All.js"></script>
<script src="ParentNode-query-queryAll.js"></script>
<style>iframe { visibility: hidden; position: absolute; }</style>
<div id="log">This test requires JavaScript.</div>
async_test(function() {
var frame = document.createElement("iframe");
frame.onload = this.step_func_done(init);
frame.src = "/dom/nodes/ParentNode-querySelector-All-content.html#target";
function init(e) {
* This test suite tests Selectors API methods in 4 different contexts:
* 1. Document node
* 2. In-document Element node
* 3. Detached Element node (an element with no parent, not in the document)
* 4. Document Fragment node
* For each context, the following tests are run:
* The interface check tests ensure that each type of node exposes the Selectors API methods.
* The matches() tests are run
* All the selectors tested for both the valid and invalid selector tests are found in selectors.js.
* See comments in that file for documentation of the format used.
* The level2-lib.js file contains all the common test functions for running each of the aforementioned tests
var docType = "html"; // Only run tests suitable for HTML
// Prepare the nodes for testing
var doc =; // Document Node tests
var element = doc.getElementById("root"); // In-document Element Node tests
//Setup the namespace tests
setupSpecialElements(doc, element);
var outOfScope = element.cloneNode(true); // Append this to the body before running the in-document
// Element tests, but after running the Document tests. This
// tests that no elements that are not descendants of element
// are selected.
traverse(outOfScope, function(elem) { // Annotate each element as being a clone; used for verifying
elem.setAttribute("data-clone", ""); // that none of these elements ever match.
var detached = element.cloneNode(true); // Detached Element Node tests
var fragment = doc.createDocumentFragment(); // Fragment Node tests
// Setup Tests
interfaceCheckQuery("Document", doc);
interfaceCheckQuery("Detached Element", detached);
interfaceCheckQuery("Fragment", fragment);
interfaceCheckQuery("In-document Element", element);
runSpecialSelectorTests("Document", doc);
runSpecialSelectorTests("Detached Element", detached);
runSpecialSelectorTests("Fragment", fragment);
runSpecialSelectorTests("In-document Element", element);
verifyStaticList("Document", doc, doc);
verifyStaticList("Detached Element", doc, detached);
verifyStaticList("Fragment", doc, fragment);
verifyStaticList("In-document Element", doc, element);
runInvalidSelectorTestQuery("Document", doc, invalidSelectors);
runInvalidSelectorTestQuery("Detached Element", detached, invalidSelectors);
runInvalidSelectorTestQuery("Fragment", fragment, invalidSelectors);
runInvalidSelectorTestQuery("In-document Element", element, invalidSelectors);
runValidSelectorTest("In-document", doc, scopedSelectors, "html");