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Changes for 0.5.2 'Asiatic Cheetah':
0.5.2 is a small release improving speed for ARM32 and adding minor features:
- ARM32 optimizations for loopfilter, ipred_dc|h|v
- Add section-5 raw OBU demuxer
- Improve the speed by reducing the L2 cache collisions
- Fix minor issues
Changes for 0.5.1 'Asiatic Cheetah':
0.5.1 is a small release improving speeds and fixing minor issues
compared to 0.5.0:
- SSE2 optimizations for CDEF, wiener and warp_affine
- NEON optimizations for SGR on ARM32
- Fix mismatch issue in x86 asm in inverse identity transforms
- Fix build issue in ARM64 assembly if debug info was enabled
- Add a workaround for Xcode 11 -fstack-check bug
Changes for 0.5.0 'Asiatic Cheetah':
0.5.0 is a medium release fixing regressions and minor issues,
and improving speed significantly:
- Export ITU T.35 metadata
- Speed improvements on blend_ on ARM
- Speed improvements on decode_coef and MSAC
- NEON optimizations for blend*, w_mask_, ipred functions for ARM64
- NEON optimizations for CDEF and warp on ARM32
- SSE2 optimizations for MSAC hi_tok decoding
- SSSE3 optimizations for deblocking loopfilters and warp_affine
- AVX-2 optimizations for film grain and ipred_z2
- SSE4 optimizations for warp_affine
- VSX optimizations for wiener
- Fix inverse transform overflows in x86 and NEON asm
- Fix integer overflows with large frames
- Improve film grain generation to match reference code
- Improve compatibility with older binutils for ARM
- More advanced Player example in tools
Changes for 0.4.0 'Cheetah':
- Fix playback with unknown OBUs
- Add an option to limit the maximum frame size
- SSE2 and ARM64 optimizations for MSAC
- Improve speed on 32bits systems
- Optimization in obmc blend
- Reduce RAM usage significantly
- The initial PPC SIMD code, cdef_filter
- NEON optimizations for blend functions on ARM
- NEON optimizations for w_mask functions on ARM
- NEON optimizations for inverse transforms on ARM64
- VSX optimizations for CDEF filter
- Improve handling of malloc failures
- Simple Player example in tools
Changes for 0.3.1 'Sailfish':
- Fix a buffer overflow in frame-threading mode on SSSE3 CPUs
- Reduce binary size, notably on Windows
- SSSE3 optimizations for ipred_filter
- ARM optimizations for MSAC
Changes for 0.3.0 'Sailfish':
This is the final release for the numerous speed improvements of 0.3.0-rc.
It mostly:
- Fixes an annoying crash on SSSE3 that happened in the itx functions
Changes for 0.2.2 (0.3.0-rc) 'Antelope':
- Large improvement on MSAC decoding with SSE, bringing 4-6% speed increase
The impact is important on SSSE3, SSE4 and AVX-2 cpus
- SSSE3 optimizations for all blocks size in itx
- SSSE3 optimizations for ipred_paeth and ipred_cfl (420, 422 and 444)
- Speed improvements on CDEF for SSE4 CPUs
- NEON optimizations for SGR and loop filter
- Minor crashes, improvements and build changes
Changes for 0.2.1 'Antelope':
- SSSE3 optimization for cdef_dir
- AVX-2 improvements of the existing CDEF optimizations
- NEON improvements of the existing CDEF and wiener optimizations
- Clarification about the numbering/versionning scheme
Changes for 0.2.0 'Antelope':
- ARM64 and ARM optimizations using NEON instructions
- SSSE3 optimizations for both 32 and 64bits
- More AVX-2 assembly, reaching almost completion
- Fix installation of includes
- Rewrite inverse transforms to avoid overflows
- Snap packaging for Linux
- Updated API (ABI and API break)
- Fixes for un-decodable samples
Changes for 0.1.0 'Gazelle':
Initial release of dav1d, the fast and small AV1 decoder.
- Support for all features of the AV1 bitstream
- Support for all bitdepth, 8, 10 and 12bits
- Support for all chroma subsamplings 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 *and* grayscale
- Full acceleration for AVX-2 64bits processors, making it the fastest decoder
- Partial acceleration for SSSE3 processors
- Partial acceleration for NEON processors