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Name: MarkupSafe Python Safe String Class
Short Name: markupsafe
Version: 0.18
License: BSD 3-clause License
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Security Critical: no
Safe string class, used by Jinja2 template engine.
MD5: f8d252fd05371e51dec2fe9a36890687
SHA-512: 0438ddf0fdab465c40d9afba8c14ad346be0868df654c11130d05e329992d456
Local Modifications:
This only includes the markup directory from the tarball and the LICENSE and
AUTHORS files, removing the unneeded unit tests (
Also includes install script ( and files of hashes (MD5 is
also posted on website, SHA-512 computed locally); script checks hash then
unpacks archive and installs desired files.
Retrieve or update by executing markupsafe/ from third_party.