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# Creates and updates the package_version information used by
# (or other makefiles). When run inside a git repository it will use the
# version information that can be queried from it unless AUTO_UPDATE is set
# to 'no'. If no version is currently known it will be set to 'unknown'.
# If called with the argument 'release', the PACKAGE_VERSION will be updated
# even if AUTO_UPDATE=no, but the value of AUTO_UPDATE shall be preserved.
# This is used to force a version update whenever `make dist` is run.
# The exit status is 1 if package_version is not modified, else 0 is returned.
# This script should NOT be included in distributed tarballs, because if a
# parent directory contains a git repository we do not want to accidentally
# retrieve the version information from it instead. Tarballs should ship
# with only the package_version file.
# Ron <>, 2012.
SRCDIR=$(dirname $0)
if [ -e "$SRCDIR/package_version" ]; then
. "$SRCDIR/package_version"
if [ "$AUTO_UPDATE" = no ]; then
[ "$1" = release ] || exit 1
# We run `git status` before describe here to ensure that we don't get a false
# -dirty from files that have been touched but are not actually altered in the
# working dir.
GIT_VERSION=$(cd "$SRCDIR" && git status > /dev/null 2>&1 \
&& git describe --tags --match 'v*' --dirty 2> /dev/null)
if [ -n "$GIT_VERSION" ]; then
[ "$GIT_VERSION" != "$PACKAGE_VERSION" ] || exit 1
elif [ -z "$PACKAGE_VERSION" ]; then
# No current package_version and no git ...
# We really shouldn't ever get here, because this script should only be
# included in the git repository, and should usually be export-ignored.
exit 1
cat > "$SRCDIR/package_version" <<-EOF
# Automatically generated by update_version.
# This file may be sourced into a shell script or makefile.
# Set this to 'no' if you do not wish the version information
# to be checked and updated for every build. Most people will
# never want to change this, it is an option for developers
# making frequent changes that they know will not be released.