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Name: zlib
Short Name: zlib
Version: 1.2.11
Security Critical: yes
License: Custom license
License File: LICENSE
License Android Compatible: yes
"A massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library."
zlib is a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered lossless data-compression
library. zlib implements the "deflate" compression algorithm described by RFC
1951, which combines the LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv) algorithm with Huffman coding. zlib
also implements the zlib (RFC 1950) and gzip (RFC 1952) wrapper formats.
Local Modifications:
- Only source code from the zlib distribution used to build the zlib and
minizip libraries are present. Many other files have been omitted. Only *.c
and *.h files from the upstream root directory and contrib/minizip were
- The contents of the google directory are original Chromium-specific
- Added chromeconf.h
- Plus the changes in 'patches' folder.
- Code in contrib/ other than contrib/minizip was added to match zlib's
contributor layout.