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// Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "starboard/shared/win32/application_win32.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include "starboard/event.h"
#include "starboard/input.h"
#include "starboard/key.h"
#include "starboard/shared/starboard/application.h"
using starboard::shared::starboard::Application;
namespace {
const int kSbKeyboardDeviceId = 1;
SbKey VirtualKeyCodeToSbKey(WPARAM virtual_key_code) {
// Keyboard code reference:
switch (virtual_key_code) {
case VK_CANCEL: return kSbKeyCancel;
case VK_BACK: return kSbKeyBack;
case VK_TAB: return kSbKeyTab;
case VK_CLEAR: return kSbKeyClear;
case VK_RETURN: return kSbKeyReturn;
case VK_SHIFT: return kSbKeyShift;
case VK_CONTROL: return kSbKeyControl;
case VK_MENU: return kSbKeyMenu;
case VK_PAUSE: return kSbKeyPause;
case VK_CAPITAL: return kSbKeyCapital;
// Hangul and Kana have the same VirtualKey constant
case VK_KANA: return kSbKeyKana;
case VK_JUNJA: return kSbKeyJunja;
case VK_FINAL: return kSbKeyFinal;
// Hanja and Kanji have the same VirtualKey constant
case VK_HANJA: return kSbKeyHanja;
case VK_ESCAPE: return kSbKeyEscape;
case VK_CONVERT: return kSbKeyConvert;
case VK_NONCONVERT: return kSbKeyNonconvert;
case VK_ACCEPT: return kSbKeyAccept;
case VK_MODECHANGE: return kSbKeyModechange;
case VK_SPACE: return kSbKeySpace;
case VK_PRIOR: return kSbKeyPrior;
case VK_NEXT: return kSbKeyNext;
case VK_END: return kSbKeyEnd;
case VK_HOME: return kSbKeyHome;
case VK_LEFT: return kSbKeyLeft;
case VK_UP: return kSbKeyUp;
case VK_RIGHT: return kSbKeyRight;
case VK_DOWN: return kSbKeyDown;
case VK_SELECT: return kSbKeySelect;
case VK_PRINT: return kSbKeyPrint;
case VK_EXECUTE: return kSbKeyExecute;
case VK_SNAPSHOT: return kSbKeySnapshot;
case VK_INSERT: return kSbKeyInsert;
case VK_DELETE: return kSbKeyDelete;
case VK_OEM_PERIOD: return kSbKeyOemPeriod;
case 0x30: return kSbKey0;
case 0x31: return kSbKey1;
case 0x32: return kSbKey2;
case 0x33: return kSbKey3;
case 0x34: return kSbKey4;
case 0x35: return kSbKey5;
case 0x36: return kSbKey6;
case 0x37: return kSbKey7;
case 0x38: return kSbKey8;
case 0x39: return kSbKey9;
case 0x41: return kSbKeyA;
case 0x42: return kSbKeyB;
case 0x43: return kSbKeyC;
case 0x44: return kSbKeyD;
case 0x45: return kSbKeyE;
case 0x46: return kSbKeyF;
case 0x47: return kSbKeyG;
case 0x48: return kSbKeyH;
case 0x49: return kSbKeyI;
case 0x4A: return kSbKeyJ;
case 0x4B: return kSbKeyK;
case 0x4C: return kSbKeyL;
case 0x4D: return kSbKeyM;
case 0x4E: return kSbKeyN;
case 0x4F: return kSbKeyO;
case 0x50: return kSbKeyP;
case 0x51: return kSbKeyQ;
case 0x52: return kSbKeyR;
case 0x53: return kSbKeyS;
case 0x54: return kSbKeyT;
case 0x55: return kSbKeyU;
case 0x56: return kSbKeyV;
case 0x57: return kSbKeyW;
case 0x58: return kSbKeyX;
case 0x59: return kSbKeyY;
case 0x5A: return kSbKeyZ;
case VK_LWIN: return kSbKeyLwin;
case VK_RWIN: return kSbKeyRwin;
case VK_APPS: return kSbKeyApps;
case VK_SLEEP: return kSbKeySleep;
case VK_NUMPAD0: return kSbKeyNumpad0;
case VK_NUMPAD1: return kSbKeyNumpad1;
case VK_NUMPAD2: return kSbKeyNumpad2;
case VK_NUMPAD3: return kSbKeyNumpad3;
case VK_NUMPAD4: return kSbKeyNumpad4;
case VK_NUMPAD5: return kSbKeyNumpad5;
case VK_NUMPAD6: return kSbKeyNumpad6;
case VK_NUMPAD7: return kSbKeyNumpad7;
case VK_NUMPAD8: return kSbKeyNumpad8;
case VK_NUMPAD9: return kSbKeyNumpad9;
case VK_MULTIPLY: return kSbKeyMultiply;
case VK_ADD: return kSbKeyAdd;
case VK_SEPARATOR: return kSbKeySeparator;
case VK_SUBTRACT: return kSbKeySubtract;
case VK_DECIMAL: return kSbKeyDecimal;
case VK_DIVIDE: return kSbKeyDivide;
case VK_F1: return kSbKeyF1;
case VK_F2: return kSbKeyF2;
case VK_F3: return kSbKeyF3;
case VK_F4: return kSbKeyF4;
case VK_F5: return kSbKeyF5;
case VK_F6: return kSbKeyF6;
case VK_F7: return kSbKeyF7;
case VK_F8: return kSbKeyF8;
case VK_F9: return kSbKeyF9;
case VK_F10: return kSbKeyF10;
case VK_F11: return kSbKeyF11;
case VK_F12: return kSbKeyF12;
case VK_F13: return kSbKeyF13;
case VK_F14: return kSbKeyF14;
case VK_F15: return kSbKeyF15;
case VK_F16: return kSbKeyF16;
case VK_F17: return kSbKeyF17;
case VK_F18: return kSbKeyF18;
case VK_F19: return kSbKeyF19;
case VK_F20: return kSbKeyF20;
case VK_F21: return kSbKeyF21;
case VK_F22: return kSbKeyF22;
case VK_F23: return kSbKeyF23;
case VK_F24: return kSbKeyF24;
case VK_NUMLOCK: return kSbKeyNumlock;
case VK_SCROLL: return kSbKeyScroll;
case VK_LSHIFT: return kSbKeyLshift;
case VK_RSHIFT: return kSbKeyRshift;
case VK_LCONTROL: return kSbKeyLcontrol;
case VK_RCONTROL: return kSbKeyRcontrol;
case VK_LMENU: return kSbKeyLmenu;
case VK_RMENU: return kSbKeyRmenu;
case VK_BROWSER_BACK: return kSbKeyBrowserBack;
case VK_BROWSER_FORWARD: return kSbKeyBrowserForward;
case VK_BROWSER_REFRESH: return kSbKeyBrowserRefresh;
case VK_BROWSER_STOP: return kSbKeyBrowserStop;
case VK_BROWSER_SEARCH: return kSbKeyBrowserSearch;
case VK_BROWSER_FAVORITES: return kSbKeyBrowserFavorites;
case VK_BROWSER_HOME: return kSbKeyBrowserHome;
case VK_LBUTTON: return kSbKeyMouse1;
case VK_RBUTTON: return kSbKeyMouse2;
case VK_MBUTTON: return kSbKeyMouse3;
case VK_XBUTTON1: return kSbKeyMouse4;
case VK_XBUTTON2: return kSbKeyMouse5;
SB_LOG(WARNING) << "Unrecognized key hit.";
return kSbKeyUnknown;
} // namespace
namespace starboard {
namespace shared {
namespace win32 {
// TODO: Plug into XInput APIs for Xbox controller input?
Application::Event* ApplicationWin32::ProcessWinKeyEvent(SbWindow window,
UINT msg,
WPARAM w_param,
LPARAM l_param) {
SbInputData* data = new SbInputData();
SbMemorySet(data, 0, sizeof(*data));
data->window = window;
data->device_type = kSbInputDeviceTypeKeyboard;
// TODO: Do some more intelligent handling logic here to determine
// a unique device ID.
data->device_id = kSbKeyboardDeviceId;
data->key = VirtualKeyCodeToSbKey(w_param);
const bool was_down = ((l_param & (1 << 30)) != 0);
const bool up = msg != WM_KEYDOWN && msg != WM_SYSKEYDOWN;
data->type = up ? kSbInputEventTypeUnpress : kSbInputEventTypePress;
SbKeyModifiers current_modifier = kSbKeyModifiersNone;
if (data->key == kSbKeyShift || data->key == kSbKeyRshift ||
data->key == kSbKeyLshift) {
current_modifier = kSbKeyModifiersShift;
} else if (data->key == kSbKeyMenu || data->key == kSbKeyRmenu ||
data->key == kSbKeyLmenu) {
current_modifier = kSbKeyModifiersAlt;
} else if (data->key == kSbKeyControl || data->key == kSbKeyRcontrol ||
data->key == kSbKeyLcontrol) {
current_modifier = kSbKeyModifiersCtrl;
} else if (data->key == kSbKeyRwin || data->key == kSbKeyLwin) {
current_modifier = kSbKeyModifiersMeta;
// Either add or remove the current modifier key being pressed or released.
// This noops for kSbKeyModifiersNone.
if (up) {
current_key_modifiers_ &= ~current_modifier;
} else {
current_key_modifiers_ |= current_modifier;
data->key_modifiers = current_key_modifiers_;
switch (data->key) {
case kSbKeyLshift:
case kSbKeyLmenu:
case kSbKeyLcontrol:
case kSbKeyLwin:
data->key_location = kSbKeyLocationLeft;
case kSbKeyRshift:
case kSbKeyRmenu:
case kSbKeyRcontrol:
case kSbKeyRwin:
data->key_location = kSbKeyLocationRight;
return new Application::Event(kSbEventTypeInput, data,
} // namespace win32
} // namespace shared
} // namespace starboard