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# Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Starboard win32 shared platform configuration for gyp_cobalt."""
import logging
import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import config.base
import starboard.shared.win32.sdk_configuration as sdk_configuration
from import STARBOARD_ROOT
from import test_filter
def GetWindowsVersion():
out = subprocess.check_output('ver', universal_newlines=True, shell=True)
lines = [l for l in out.split('\n') if l]
for l in lines:
m ='Version\s([0-9\.]+)', out)
if m and
major, minor, build ='.')
return (int(major), int(minor), int(build))
raise IOError('Could not retrieve windows version')
def _QuotePath(path):
return '"' + path + '"'
class Win32Configuration(config.base.PlatformConfigBase):
"""Starboard Microsoft Windows platform configuration."""
def __init__(self, platform):
super(Win32Configuration, self).__init__(platform)
self.sdk = sdk_configuration.SdkConfiguration()
def GetVariables(self, configuration):
sdk = self.sdk
variables = super(Win32Configuration, self).GetVariables(configuration)
'visual_studio_install_path': sdk.vs_install_dir_with_version,
'windows_sdk_path': sdk.windows_sdk_path,
'windows_sdk_version': sdk.required_sdk_version,
return variables
def GetEnvironmentVariables(self):
sdk = self.sdk
cl = _QuotePath(os.path.join(sdk.vs_host_tools_path, 'cl.exe'))
lib = _QuotePath(os.path.join(sdk.vs_host_tools_path, 'lib.exe'))
link = _QuotePath(os.path.join(sdk.vs_host_tools_path, 'link.exe'))
rc = _QuotePath(os.path.join(sdk.windows_sdk_host_tools, 'rc.exe'))
env_variables = {
'AR': lib,
'AR_HOST': lib,
'CC': cl,
'CXX': cl,
'LD': link,
'RC': rc,
'VS_INSTALL_DIR': sdk.vs_install_dir,
'CC_HOST': cl,
'CXX_HOST': cl,
'LD_HOST': link,
'ARFLAGS_HOST': 'rcs',
return env_variables
def GetBuildFormat(self):
"""Returns the desired build format."""
# The comma means that ninja, msvs_makefile, will be chained and use the
# same input information so that .gyp files will only have to be parsed
# once.
return 'ninja,msvs_makefile'
def GetGeneratorVariables(self, configuration):
"""Returns a dict of generator variables for the given configuration."""
_ = configuration
generator_variables = {
'msvs_version': 2017,
'msvs_platform': 'x64',
'msvs_template_prefix': 'win/',
'msvs_deploy_dir': '',
'qtcreator_session_name_prefix': 'cobalt',
return generator_variables
def GetToolchain(self):
sys.path.append(os.path.join(STARBOARD_ROOT, 'shared', 'msvc', 'uwp'))
from msvc_toolchain import MSVCUWPToolchain # pylint: disable=g-import-not-at-top,g-bad-import-order
return MSVCUWPToolchain()
def IsWin10orHigher(self):
# Both Win10 and Win2016-Server will return 10.0+
major, _, _ = GetWindowsVersion()
return major >= 10
except Exception as e:
print 'Error while getting version for windows: ' + str(e)
return False
def GetTestFilters(self):
"""Gets all tests to be excluded from a unit test run.
A list of initialized TestFilter objects.
if not self.IsWin10orHigher():
logging.error('Tests can only be executed on Win10 and higher.')
return [test_filter.DISABLE_TESTING]
filters = super(Win32Configuration, self).GetTestFilters()
for target, tests in self._FILTERED_TESTS.iteritems():
filters.extend(test_filter.TestFilter(target, test) for test in tests)
return filters
'bindings_test': [
'nplb': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'nplb_blitter_pixel_tests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'poem_unittests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'starboard_platform_tests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'webdriver_test': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
# The Windows platform uses D3D9 which doesn't let you create a D3D
# device without a display, causing these unit tests to erroneously
# fail on the buildbots, so they are disabled for Windows only.
'layout_tests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'renderer_test': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
# TODO: enable player filter tests.
'player_filter_tests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
# No network on Windows, yet.
'web_platform_tests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],
'net_unittests': [test_filter.FILTER_ALL],