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// Copyright (c) 2015 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Image.h: Defines the egl::Image class representing the EGLimage object.
#include "common/angleutils.h"
#include "libANGLE/AttributeMap.h"
#include "libANGLE/Error.h"
#include "libANGLE/FramebufferAttachment.h"
#include "libANGLE/RefCountObject.h"
#include "libANGLE/formatutils.h"
#include <set>
namespace rx
class EGLImplFactory;
class ImageImpl;
namespace egl
class Image;
// Only currently Renderbuffers and Textures can be bound with images. This makes the relationship
// explicit, and also ensures that an image sibling can determine if it's been initialized or not,
// which is important for the robust resource init extension with Textures and EGLImages.
class ImageSibling : public RefCountObject, public gl::FramebufferAttachmentObject
ImageSibling(GLuint id);
virtual ~ImageSibling();
// Set the image target of this sibling
void setTargetImage(egl::Image *imageTarget);
// Orphan all EGL image sources and targets
gl::Error orphanImages();
friend class Image;
// Called from Image only to add a new source image
void addImageSource(egl::Image *imageSource);
// Called from Image only to remove a source image when the Image is being deleted
void removeImageSource(egl::Image *imageSource);
std::set<Image *> mSourcesOf;
BindingPointer<Image> mTargetOf;
struct ImageState : private angle::NonCopyable
ImageState(EGLenum target, ImageSibling *buffer, const AttributeMap &attribs);
gl::ImageIndex imageIndex;
BindingPointer<ImageSibling> source;
std::set<ImageSibling *> targets;
class Image final : public RefCountObject
Image(rx::EGLImplFactory *factory,
EGLenum target,
ImageSibling *buffer,
const AttributeMap &attribs);
const gl::Format &getFormat() const;
size_t getWidth() const;
size_t getHeight() const;
size_t getSamples() const;
Error initialize();
rx::ImageImpl *getImplementation() const;
friend class ImageSibling;
// Called from ImageSibling only notify the image that a new target sibling exists for state
// tracking.
void addTargetSibling(ImageSibling *sibling);
// Called from ImageSibling only to notify the image that a sibling (source or target) has
// been respecified and state tracking should be updated.
gl::Error orphanSibling(ImageSibling *sibling);
ImageState mState;
rx::ImageImpl *mImplementation;
} // namespace egl