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// Copyright 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// ImageIndex.h: A helper struct for indexing into an Image array
#include "common/mathutil.h"
#include "angle_gl.h"
namespace gl
class ImageIndexIterator;
struct ImageIndex
GLenum type;
GLint mipIndex;
GLint layerIndex;
ImageIndex(const ImageIndex &other);
ImageIndex &operator=(const ImageIndex &other);
bool hasLayer() const { return layerIndex != ENTIRE_LEVEL; }
bool is3D() const;
static ImageIndex Make2D(GLint mipIndex);
static ImageIndex MakeCube(GLenum target, GLint mipIndex);
static ImageIndex Make2DArray(GLint mipIndex, GLint layerIndex);
static ImageIndex Make3D(GLint mipIndex, GLint layerIndex = ENTIRE_LEVEL);
static ImageIndex MakeGeneric(GLenum target, GLint mipIndex);
static ImageIndex Make2DMultisample();
static ImageIndex MakeInvalid();
static const GLint ENTIRE_LEVEL = static_cast<GLint>(-1);
bool operator<(const ImageIndex &other) const;
bool operator==(const ImageIndex &other) const;
bool operator!=(const ImageIndex &other) const;
friend class ImageIndexIterator;
ImageIndex(GLenum typeIn, GLint mipIndexIn, GLint layerIndexIn);
class ImageIndexIterator
static ImageIndexIterator Make2D(GLint minMip, GLint maxMip);
static ImageIndexIterator MakeCube(GLint minMip, GLint maxMip);
static ImageIndexIterator Make3D(GLint minMip, GLint maxMip, GLint minLayer, GLint maxLayer);
static ImageIndexIterator Make2DArray(GLint minMip, GLint maxMip, const GLsizei *layerCounts);
static ImageIndexIterator Make2DMultisample();
ImageIndex next();
ImageIndex current() const;
bool hasNext() const;
ImageIndexIterator(GLenum type, const Range<GLint> &mipRange,
const Range<GLint> &layerRange, const GLsizei *layerCounts);
GLint maxLayer() const;
void done();
GLenum mType;
Range<GLint> mMipRange;
Range<GLint> mLayerRange;
const GLsizei *mLayerCounts;
GLint mCurrentMip;
GLint mCurrentLayer;