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// Copyright (c) 2002-2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Shader.h: Defines the abstract gl::Shader class and its concrete derived
// classes VertexShader and FragmentShader. Implements GL shader objects and
// related functionality. [OpenGL ES 2.0.24] section 2.10 page 24 and section
// 3.8 page 84.
#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "angle_gl.h"
#include <GLSLANG/ShaderLang.h>
#include "common/angleutils.h"
#include "libANGLE/angletypes.h"
#include "libANGLE/Debug.h"
namespace rx
class GLImplFactory;
class ShaderImpl;
class ShaderSh;
namespace gl
class Compiler;
class ContextState;
struct Limitations;
class ShaderProgramManager;
class Context;
class ShaderState final : angle::NonCopyable
ShaderState(GLenum shaderType);
const std::string &getLabel() const { return mLabel; }
const std::string &getSource() const { return mSource; }
const std::string &getTranslatedSource() const { return mTranslatedSource; }
GLenum getShaderType() const { return mShaderType; }
int getShaderVersion() const { return mShaderVersion; }
const std::vector<sh::Varying> &getVaryings() const { return mVaryings; }
const std::vector<sh::Uniform> &getUniforms() const { return mUniforms; }
const std::vector<sh::InterfaceBlock> &getInterfaceBlocks() const { return mInterfaceBlocks; }
const std::vector<sh::Attribute> &getActiveAttributes() const { return mActiveAttributes; }
const std::vector<sh::OutputVariable> &getActiveOutputVariables() const
return mActiveOutputVariables;
friend class Shader;
std::string mLabel;
GLenum mShaderType;
int mShaderVersion;
std::string mTranslatedSource;
std::string mSource;
sh::WorkGroupSize mLocalSize;
std::vector<sh::Varying> mVaryings;
std::vector<sh::Uniform> mUniforms;
std::vector<sh::InterfaceBlock> mInterfaceBlocks;
std::vector<sh::Attribute> mActiveAttributes;
std::vector<sh::OutputVariable> mActiveOutputVariables;
class Shader final : angle::NonCopyable, public LabeledObject
Shader(ShaderProgramManager *manager,
rx::GLImplFactory *implFactory,
const gl::Limitations &rendererLimitations,
GLenum type,
GLuint handle);
void destroy(const Context *context) {}
virtual ~Shader();
void setLabel(const std::string &label) override;
const std::string &getLabel() const override;
GLenum getType() const { return mType; }
GLuint getHandle() const;
rx::ShaderImpl *getImplementation() const { return mImplementation; }
void deleteSource();
void setSource(GLsizei count, const char *const *string, const GLint *length);
int getInfoLogLength() const;
void getInfoLog(GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, char *infoLog) const;
int getSourceLength() const;
void getSource(GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, char *buffer) const;
int getTranslatedSourceLength() const;
int getTranslatedSourceWithDebugInfoLength() const;
const std::string &getTranslatedSource() const { return mState.getTranslatedSource(); }
void getTranslatedSource(GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, char *buffer) const;
void getTranslatedSourceWithDebugInfo(GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, char *buffer) const;
void compile(const Context *context);
bool isCompiled() const { return mCompiled; }
void addRef();
void release(const Context *context);
unsigned int getRefCount() const;
bool isFlaggedForDeletion() const;
void flagForDeletion();
int getShaderVersion() const;
const std::vector<sh::Varying> &getVaryings() const;
const std::vector<sh::Uniform> &getUniforms() const;
const std::vector<sh::InterfaceBlock> &getInterfaceBlocks() const;
const std::vector<sh::Attribute> &getActiveAttributes() const;
const std::vector<sh::OutputVariable> &getActiveOutputVariables() const;
int getSemanticIndex(const std::string &attributeName) const;
const sh::WorkGroupSize &getWorkGroupSize() const { return mState.mLocalSize; }
static void getSourceImpl(const std::string &source, GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, char *buffer);
ShaderState mState;
rx::ShaderImpl *mImplementation;
const gl::Limitations &mRendererLimitations;
const GLuint mHandle;
const GLenum mType;
unsigned int mRefCount; // Number of program objects this shader is attached to
bool mDeleteStatus; // Flag to indicate that the shader can be deleted when no longer in use
bool mCompiled; // Indicates if this shader has been successfully compiled
std::string mInfoLog;
ShaderProgramManager *mResourceManager;
bool CompareShaderVar(const sh::ShaderVariable &x, const sh::ShaderVariable &y);