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// Copyright (c) 2017 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// UniformLinker.h: implements link-time checks for default block uniforms, and generates uniform
// locations. Populates data structures related to uniforms so that they can be stored in program
// state.
#include "libANGLE/Program.h"
#include "libANGLE/Uniform.h"
namespace gl
class UniformLinker
UniformLinker(const ProgramState &state);
bool link(InfoLog &infoLog, const Caps &caps, const Program::Bindings &uniformLocationBindings);
void getResults(std::vector<LinkedUniform> *uniforms,
std::vector<VariableLocation> *uniformLocations);
struct VectorAndSamplerCount
VectorAndSamplerCount() : vectorCount(0), samplerCount(0) {}
VectorAndSamplerCount(const VectorAndSamplerCount &other) = default;
VectorAndSamplerCount &operator=(const VectorAndSamplerCount &other) = default;
VectorAndSamplerCount &operator+=(const VectorAndSamplerCount &other)
vectorCount += other.vectorCount;
samplerCount += other.samplerCount;
return *this;
unsigned int vectorCount;
unsigned int samplerCount;
bool validateVertexAndFragmentUniforms(InfoLog &infoLog) const;
static bool linkValidateUniforms(InfoLog &infoLog,
const std::string &uniformName,
const sh::Uniform &vertexUniform,
const sh::Uniform &fragmentUniform);
bool flattenUniformsAndCheckCapsForShader(const Shader &shader,
GLuint maxUniformComponents,
GLuint maxTextureImageUnits,
const std::string &componentsErrorMessage,
const std::string &samplerErrorMessage,
std::vector<LinkedUniform> &samplerUniforms,
InfoLog &infoLog);
bool flattenUniformsAndCheckCaps(const Caps &caps, InfoLog &infoLog);
VectorAndSamplerCount flattenUniform(const sh::Uniform &uniform,
std::vector<LinkedUniform> *samplerUniforms);
// markStaticUse is given as a separate parameter because it is tracked here at struct
// granularity.
VectorAndSamplerCount flattenUniformImpl(const sh::ShaderVariable &uniform,
const std::string &fullName,
std::vector<LinkedUniform> *samplerUniforms,
bool markStaticUse,
int binding,
int *location);
bool indexUniforms(InfoLog &infoLog, const Program::Bindings &uniformLocationBindings);
bool gatherUniformLocationsAndCheckConflicts(InfoLog &infoLog,
const Program::Bindings &uniformLocationBindings,
std::set<GLuint> *reservedLocations,
std::set<GLuint> *ignoredLocations,
int *maxUniformLocation);
void pruneUnusedUniforms();
const ProgramState &mState;
std::vector<LinkedUniform> mUniforms;
std::vector<VariableLocation> mUniformLocations;
} // namespace gl