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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "Benchmark.h"
#include "Resources.h"
#include "SkBitmap.h"
#include "SkJpegEncoder.h"
#include "SkPngEncoder.h"
#include "SkWebpEncoder.h"
#include "SkStream.h"
class EncodeBench : public Benchmark {
using Encoder = bool (*)(SkWStream*, const SkPixmap&);
EncodeBench(const char* filename, Encoder encoder, const char* encoderName)
: fSourceFilename(filename)
, fEncoder(encoder)
, fName(SkStringPrintf("Encode_%s_%s", filename, encoderName)) {}
bool isSuitableFor(Backend backend) override { return backend == kNonRendering_Backend; }
const char* onGetName() override { return fName.c_str(); }
void onPreDraw(SkCanvas*) override {
SkAssertResult(GetResourceAsBitmap(fSourceFilename, &fBitmap));
void onDraw(int loops, SkCanvas*) override {
while (loops-- > 0) {
SkPixmap pixmap;
SkNullWStream dst;
SkAssertResult(fEncoder(&dst, pixmap));
SkASSERT(dst.bytesWritten() > 0);
const char* fSourceFilename;
Encoder fEncoder;
SkString fName;
SkBitmap fBitmap;
static bool encode_jpeg(SkWStream* dst, const SkPixmap& src) {
SkJpegEncoder::Options opts;
opts.fQuality = 90;
return SkJpegEncoder::Encode(dst, src, opts);
static bool encode_webp_lossy(SkWStream* dst, const SkPixmap& src) {
SkWebpEncoder::Options opts;
opts.fCompression = SkWebpEncoder::Compression::kLossy;
opts.fQuality = 90;
opts.fUnpremulBehavior = SkTransferFunctionBehavior::kIgnore;
return SkWebpEncoder::Encode(dst, src, opts);
static bool encode_webp_lossless(SkWStream* dst, const SkPixmap& src) {
SkWebpEncoder::Options opts;
opts.fCompression = SkWebpEncoder::Compression::kLossless;
opts.fQuality = 90;
opts.fUnpremulBehavior = SkTransferFunctionBehavior::kIgnore;
return SkWebpEncoder::Encode(dst, src, opts);
static bool encode_png(SkWStream* dst,
const SkPixmap& src,
SkPngEncoder::FilterFlag filters,
int zlibLevel) {
SkPngEncoder::Options opts;
opts.fFilterFlags = filters;
opts.fUnpremulBehavior = SkTransferFunctionBehavior::kIgnore;
opts.fZLibLevel = zlibLevel;
return SkPngEncoder::Encode(dst, src, opts);
#define PNG(FLAG, ZLIBLEVEL) [](SkWStream* d, const SkPixmap& s) { \
return encode_png(d, s, SkPngEncoder::FilterFlag::FLAG, ZLIBLEVEL); }
static const char* srcs[2] = {"mandrill_512.png", "color_wheel.jpg"};
// The Android Photos app uses a quality of 90 on JPEG encodes
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], &encode_jpeg, "JPEG"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], &encode_jpeg, "JPEG"));
// TODO: What is the appropriate quality to use to benchmark WEBP encodes?
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], encode_webp_lossy, "WEBP"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], encode_webp_lossy, "WEBP"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], encode_webp_lossless, "WEBP_LL"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], encode_webp_lossless, "WEBP_LL"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kAll, 6), "PNG"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kAll, 3), "PNG_3"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kAll, 1), "PNG_1"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kSub, 6), "PNG_6s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kSub, 3), "PNG_3s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kSub, 1), "PNG_1s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kNone, 6), "PNG_6n"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kNone, 3), "PNG_3n"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[0], PNG(kNone, 1), "PNG_1n"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kAll, 6), "PNG"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kAll, 3), "PNG_3"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kAll, 1), "PNG_1"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kSub, 6), "PNG_6s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kSub, 3), "PNG_3s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kSub, 1), "PNG_1s"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kNone, 6), "PNG_6n"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kNone, 3), "PNG_3n"));
DEF_BENCH(return new EncodeBench(srcs[1], PNG(kNone, 1), "PNG_1n"));
#undef PNG