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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/synchronization/lock.h"
#include "media/base/decryptor.h"
namespace base {
class MessageLoopProxy;
namespace media {
class DecryptorClient;
// A decryptor proxy that creates a real decryptor object on demand and
// forwards decryptor calls to it.
// TODO(xhwang): Currently we don't support run-time switching among decryptor
// objects. Fix this when needed.
class ProxyDecryptor : public Decryptor {
ProxyDecryptor(DecryptorClient* decryptor_client);
virtual ~ProxyDecryptor();
// Requests the ProxyDecryptor to notify the decryptor when it's ready through
// the |decryptor_ready_cb| provided.
// If |decryptor_ready_cb| is null, the existing callback will be fired with
// NULL immediately and reset.
void SetDecryptorReadyCB(const DecryptorReadyCB& decryptor_ready_cb);
// Notify that the decryptor is going to be destroyed soon. So any pending or
// future DecryptorReadyCB will be called with NULL and the pipeline can be
// torn down.
void DestroySoon();
// Decryptor implementation.
virtual bool GenerateKeyRequest(const std::string& key_system,
const std::string& type,
const uint8* init_data,
int init_data_length) OVERRIDE;
virtual void AddKey(const std::string& key_system,
const uint8* key,
int key_length,
const uint8* init_data,
int init_data_length,
const std::string& session_id) OVERRIDE;
virtual void CancelKeyRequest(const std::string& key_system,
const std::string& session_id) OVERRIDE;
virtual void RegisterKeyAddedCB(StreamType stream_type,
const KeyAddedCB& key_added_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void Decrypt(StreamType stream_type,
const scoped_refptr<DecoderBuffer>& encrypted,
const DecryptCB& decrypt_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void CancelDecrypt(StreamType stream_type) OVERRIDE;
virtual void InitializeAudioDecoder(scoped_ptr<AudioDecoderConfig> config,
const DecoderInitCB& init_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void InitializeVideoDecoder(scoped_ptr<VideoDecoderConfig> config,
const DecoderInitCB& init_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void DecryptAndDecodeAudio(
const scoped_refptr<DecoderBuffer>& encrypted,
const AudioDecodeCB& audio_decode_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void DecryptAndDecodeVideo(
const scoped_refptr<DecoderBuffer>& encrypted,
const VideoDecodeCB& video_decode_cb) OVERRIDE;
virtual void ResetDecoder(StreamType stream_type) OVERRIDE;
virtual void DeinitializeDecoder(StreamType stream_type) OVERRIDE;
// Helper functions to create decryptors to handle the given |key_system|.
scoped_ptr<Decryptor> CreateDecryptor(const std::string& key_system);
// DecryptorClient through which key events are fired.
DecryptorClient* client_;
// Protects the |decryptor_|. Note that |decryptor_| itself should be thread
// safe as per the Decryptor interface.
base::Lock lock_;
bool destroy_soon_;
DecryptorReadyCB decryptor_ready_cb_;
// The real decryptor that does decryption for the ProxyDecryptor.
// This pointer is protected by the |lock_|.
scoped_ptr<Decryptor> decryptor_;
} // namespace media