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// Copyright (c) 2016 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// DeferGlobalInitializers is an AST traverser that moves global initializers into a function, and
// adds a function call to that function in the beginning of main().
// This enables initialization of globals with uniforms or non-constant globals, as allowed by
// the WebGL spec. Some initializers referencing non-constants may need to be unfolded into if
// statements in HLSL - this kind of steps should be done after DeferGlobalInitializers is run.
#include "compiler/translator/DeferGlobalInitializers.h"
#include "compiler/translator/FindMain.h"
#include "compiler/translator/IntermNode.h"
#include "compiler/translator/SymbolTable.h"
namespace sh
void GetDeferredInitializers(TIntermDeclaration *declaration,
TIntermSequence *deferredInitializersOut)
// We iterate with an index instead of using an iterator since we're replacing the children of
// declaration inside the loop.
for (size_t i = 0; i < declaration->getSequence()->size(); ++i)
TIntermNode *declarator = declaration->getSequence()->at(i);
TIntermBinary *init = declarator->getAsBinaryNode();
if (init)
TIntermSymbol *symbolNode = init->getLeft()->getAsSymbolNode();
TIntermTyped *expression = init->getRight();
if ((expression->getQualifier() != EvqConst ||
(expression->getAsConstantUnion() == nullptr &&
// For variables which are not constant, defer their real initialization until
// after we initialize uniforms.
// Deferral is done also in any cases where the variable has not been constant
// folded, since otherwise there's a chance that HLSL output will generate extra
// statements from the initializer expression.
TIntermBinary *deferredInit =
new TIntermBinary(EOpAssign, symbolNode->deepCopy(), init->getRight());
// Change const global to a regular global if its initialization is deferred.
// This can happen if ANGLE has not been able to fold the constant expression used
// as an initializer.
ASSERT(symbolNode->getQualifier() == EvqConst ||
symbolNode->getQualifier() == EvqGlobal);
if (symbolNode->getQualifier() == EvqConst)
// All of the siblings in the same declaration need to have consistent
// qualifiers.
auto *siblings = declaration->getSequence();
for (TIntermNode *siblingNode : *siblings)
TIntermBinary *siblingBinary = siblingNode->getAsBinaryNode();
if (siblingBinary)
ASSERT(siblingBinary->getOp() == EOpInitialize);
// This node is one of the siblings.
ASSERT(symbolNode->getQualifier() == EvqGlobal);
// Remove the initializer from the global scope and just declare the global instead.
declaration->replaceChildNode(init, symbolNode);
void InsertInitFunction(TIntermBlock *root, TIntermSequence *deferredInitializers)
TSymbolUniqueId initFunctionId;
const char *functionName = "initializeGlobals";
// Add function prototype to the beginning of the shader
TIntermFunctionPrototype *functionPrototypeNode =
TIntermTraverser::CreateInternalFunctionPrototypeNode(TType(EbtVoid), functionName,
root->getSequence()->insert(root->getSequence()->begin(), functionPrototypeNode);
// Add function definition to the end of the shader
TIntermBlock *functionBodyNode = new TIntermBlock();
TIntermFunctionDefinition *functionDefinition =
TIntermTraverser::CreateInternalFunctionDefinitionNode(TType(EbtVoid), functionName,
functionBodyNode, initFunctionId);
// Insert call into main function
TIntermFunctionDefinition *main = FindMain(root);
ASSERT(main != nullptr);
TIntermAggregate *functionCallNode = TIntermTraverser::CreateInternalFunctionCallNode(
TType(EbtVoid), functionName, initFunctionId, nullptr);
TIntermBlock *mainBody = main->getBody();
ASSERT(mainBody != nullptr);
mainBody->getSequence()->insert(mainBody->getSequence()->begin(), functionCallNode);
} // namespace
void DeferGlobalInitializers(TIntermBlock *root)
TIntermSequence *deferredInitializers = new TIntermSequence();
// Loop over all global statements and process the declarations. This is simpler than using a
// traverser.
for (TIntermNode *declaration : *root->getSequence())
TIntermDeclaration *asVariableDeclaration = declaration->getAsDeclarationNode();
if (asVariableDeclaration)
GetDeferredInitializers(asVariableDeclaration, deferredInitializers);
// Add the function with initialization and the call to that.
if (!deferredInitializers->empty())
InsertInitFunction(root, deferredInitializers);
} // namespace sh