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// Copyright (c) 2002-2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "compiler/translator/IntermNode.h"
namespace sh
struct TVectorFields
int offsets[4];
int num;
// Set of helper functions to help build the tree.
class TIntermediate
TIntermediate() {}
TIntermSymbol *addSymbol(int id, const TString &, const TType &, const TSourceLoc &);
TIntermTyped *addIndex(TOperator op,
TIntermTyped *base,
TIntermTyped *index,
const TSourceLoc &line,
TDiagnostics *diagnostics);
static TIntermBlock *EnsureBlock(TIntermNode *node);
TIntermNode *addIfElse(TIntermTyped *cond, TIntermNodePair code, const TSourceLoc &line);
static TIntermTyped *AddTernarySelection(TIntermTyped *cond,
TIntermTyped *trueExpression,
TIntermTyped *falseExpression,
const TSourceLoc &line);
TIntermSwitch *addSwitch(TIntermTyped *init,
TIntermBlock *statementList,
const TSourceLoc &line);
TIntermCase *addCase(TIntermTyped *condition, const TSourceLoc &line);
static TIntermTyped *AddComma(TIntermTyped *left,
TIntermTyped *right,
const TSourceLoc &line,
int shaderVersion);
TIntermConstantUnion *addConstantUnion(const TConstantUnion *constantUnion,
const TType &type,
const TSourceLoc &line);
TIntermNode *addLoop(TLoopType,
TIntermNode *,
TIntermTyped *,
TIntermTyped *,
TIntermNode *,
const TSourceLoc &);
TIntermBranch *addBranch(TOperator, const TSourceLoc &);
TIntermBranch *addBranch(TOperator, TIntermTyped *, const TSourceLoc &);
static TIntermTyped *AddSwizzle(TIntermTyped *baseExpression,
const TVectorFields &fields,
const TSourceLoc &dotLocation);
static void outputTree(TIntermNode *, TInfoSinkBase &);
TIntermTyped *foldAggregateBuiltIn(TIntermAggregate *aggregate, TDiagnostics *diagnostics);
void operator=(TIntermediate &); // prevent assignments
} // namespace sh