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REM Copyright (c) 2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
REM Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
REM found in the LICENSE file.
PATH %PATH%;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Kits\8.1\bin\x86;%DXSDK_DIR%\Utilities\bin\x86
set errorCount=0
set successCount=0
set debug=0
if "%1" == "debug" (
set debug=1
if "%1" == "release" (
set debug=0
:: | Input file | Entry point | Type | Output file | Debug |
call:BuildShader Blit.vs standardvs vs_2_0 compiled\standardvs.h %debug%
call:BuildShader passthroughps ps_2_0 compiled\passthroughps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader luminanceps ps_2_0 compiled\luminanceps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader luminancepremultps ps_2_0 compiled\luminancepremultps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader luminanceunmultps ps_2_0 compiled\luminanceunmultps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader componentmaskps ps_2_0 compiled\componentmaskps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader componentmaskpremultps ps_2_0 compiled\componentmaskpremultps.h %debug%
call:BuildShader componentmaskunmultps ps_2_0 compiled\componentmaskunmultps.h %debug%
if %successCount% GTR 0 (
echo %successCount% shaders compiled successfully.
if %errorCount% GTR 0 (
echo There were %errorCount% shader compilation errors.
exit /b
set input=%~1
set entry=%~2
set type=%~3
set output=%~4
set debug=%~5
if %debug% == 0 (
set "buildCMD=fxc /nologo /E %entry% /T %type% /Fh %output% %input%"
) else (
set "buildCMD=fxc /nologo /Zi /Od /E %entry% /T %type% /Fh %output% %input%"
set error=0
%buildCMD% || set error=1
if %error% == 0 (
set /a successCount=%successCount%+1
) else (
set /a errorCount=%errorCount%+1
exit /b